ENTJ Compatibility: Romantic Relationships, Love, and Dating

ENTJ personality types take their relationships as seriously as they take their careers and work projects. Because they are dominant personalities with a good deal of charisma and self-confidence, ENTJs actively seek a partner and then work to solidify the relationship. Remember, conquering the world is on most ENTJs’ to-do lists.

What is the Best Match for an ENTJ?

The INTP is the best partner for an ENTJ. An INTP partner will appreciate and encourage the ENTJ’s need for growth and intellectual stimulation. The pair complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and as long as there is a strong basis of mutual respect, the couple should do well together.

Moreover, an INTP would not object to the ENTJ planning, organizing, and generally leading in the relationship, which is always ideal for the executive ENTJ.

What is the Worst Match for an ENTJ?

The worst romantic partner for an ENTJ personality is the ISFJ. Aside from both being organized and excellent when it comes to planning and setting goals, this pairing has little in common. Generally, on opposite sides of most topics, this couple would be prone to disagree about how to spend free time. And both partners would likely feel as if the significant other does not understand them or meet their needs.

Compatibility Chart

Here’s a chart of how each personality type is likely to fare in a relationship with ENTJ:

Best Good Poor Worst

ENTJ Relationships

Because they are generally very committed to their work, others may believe that ENTJs do not care about being a part of a relationship. The fact is that ENTJ personality types desire romantic partnerships; they simply approach these relationships with the same drive and control with which they pursue other goals.

What an ENTJ Looks for in a Relationship

ENTJ personalities usually look for partners who are at least somewhat similar to themselves. An ENTJ’s partner needs to be hard-working, honest, loyal, and trustworthy. ENTJs want intellectual partners who are sophisticated and attractive—they like those with a healthy bit of self-confidence and the ability to think independently.

Many ENTJs enjoy the finer things in life and want a partner who can share in their high-end events and affluent tastes. Additionally, they look for partners who are supportive and interested in their work.

What an ENTJ Needs in a Relationship

When in a relationship, ENTJs need to know that their significant other is honest, trustworthy, and supportive. This personality type does not need grand displays of emotion from a partner. They thrive when their significant other is interested in and impressed with their work and achievements and will not turn down expressions of admiration.

The ENTJ dislikes superficial and shallow people, and a potential partner who plays dumb will send the ENTJ off in the opposite direction. They prefer their partners to be intelligent and equal.

What an Ideal Relationship for an ENTJ Looks Like

An ENTJ personality type would be happy in a relationship where their partner showed an intellectual depth equal to their own. They also prefer attractive partners who lean towards the finer things in life.

An ENTJ can be happy with a partner who enjoys socializing and is open to elaborate gifts and surprises. Likewise, they appreciate a partner who defers to their wisdom and allows them to take the lead.

How an ENTJ Acts in Relationships

ENTJs are not tuned into emotions and are not known to entice their potential partners with elaborate and emotional statements. However, because they are blunt and honest, ENTJs let their partners know where they truly stand.

ENTJs are more likely to express love by arranging exciting dates or showering their partner with elaborate gifts. They prefer to be the leader in the relationship, although they have the capacity to share decisions with the right person.

They enjoy socializing with peers and those they consider equals. Determined and focused by nature, the ENTJ will work hard to solve as many problems as possible for their significant other.

What a Bad Relationship for an ENTJ Looks Like

While there is always room for personal preference, the typical ENTJ will find the following traits or behaviors intolerable.

  • Being interrupted, dismissed, or ignored: ENTJs have a high opinion of their thoughts and ideas, so anything short of total attention is not acceptable
  • Stopping a project before completion: ENTJs are not the type to kick back and relax when there is work waiting
  • Badgering them to share feelings
  • Shallow and pointless conversations
  • Telling them to smile and have fun. They are having fun until they inform you otherwise
  • People who do not get to the point: a long, rambling story full of tiny details that have nothing to do with the tale’s point are unbearable to ENTJs. Depending on the situation, an ENTJ will instruct their partner to get to the point. This frequently results in ill-will
  • Anything that resembles laziness is absolutely unacceptable to an ENTJ
ENTJs have high standards for their partners, and can get upset when these are not met.

ENTJ Love and Romance

When it comes to the areas of love and romance, there is a misrepresentation of ENTJs as cold and unfeeling. ENTJs do not possess a great deal of skill or intuition when it comes to their own feelings or the feelings of others. However, they do have emotions; ENTJs express their own feelings in their own way.

ENTJ Males in Love

An ENTJ man may need a good amount of time to sort out his feelings towards a potential partner. However, once he has determined that this person is a good match, the ENTJ male will put all of his determination, charm, and intelligence into forging a strong bond.

Even though ENTJ men have a reputation for being cold and unfeeling, they are surprisingly affectionate once in love. They will do anything in their power to support and assist their significant other.

ENTJ males may not express their emotions with florid words, but they will shower their partner with gifts, surprises, and other tangible tokens of affection.

ENTJ men are loyal, trustworthy, and supportive; they expect the same qualities and behaviors in their partners. They tend to take the lead in planning and organizing for the couple and do well when their mate expresses appreciation for their many abilities.

ENTJ Females in Love

ENTJs are relatively rare among women. They tend to approach relationships with a rather pragmatic and not romantic mindset.

An ENTJ woman in love will likely be direct about her feelings and what she wants. While this can seem intimidating, it removes flighty games and the on-again-off-again relationships.

ENTJ women are loyal and will fiercely defend those they love. This leads to the fact that they are trustworthy, and their partners can depend on them to do the right thing.

The ENTJ female will put her all into building a solid relationship. Although she is serious, the ENTJ woman loves to have fun and will gladly participate in adventurous activities.

How an ENTJ Knows They are in Love

The ENTJ personality type usually discovers they are in love after spending time observing and analyzing their potential partner. Because they are strong thinkers, ENTJs will not allow a flurry of emotions to cloud their judgement or focus. They will put the same amount of determined energy into exploring the potential of a relationship they put into their careers.

How an ENTJ Shows Love

Once in love, an ENTJ can be affectionate. However, they tend to lean towards showing their love in tangible ways. The ENTJ will frequently plan surprise trips and events for their mate; additionally, ENTJs enjoy showering their significant other with gifts and tokens of affection.

The ENTJ will also fiercely defend their partner and go to great lengths to support and assist them in achieving goals and realizing dreams. While they tend to be the dominant partner in planning and leading the relationship, they have strong instincts and tend to be right with their assessments.

ENTJ Love Language

Spending quality time with their partner is the top way an ENTJ loves and feels loved. Because they are goal-oriented and focused, clearing time to spend with you means you matter. The same is true for invitations to join in on their adventures.

In addition to making time for your ENTJ, they also respond well to physical touch and words of affirmation.

Does an ENTJ Fall in Love Easily?

ENTJs do not tend to fall in love easily. Like all other aspects of their lives, they observe and plan their actions. Because they avoid flighty and superficial relationships, the ENTJ is not likely to pursue casual flings or one-night stands.

ENTJs prefer to take their time and assess a potential partner in various situations before opening themselves to the idea of love.

How to Make an ENTJ Fall in Love

As is true for all personality types, you cannot make an ENTJ fall in love. However, there are several preferred traits that an ENTJ will likely find quite attractive.

  • Intelligence
  • Shared interests
  • A sense of adventure
  • Supportive and devoted tendencies
  • Honesty and loyalty
  • A go-getter personality
  • Strong communication skills
  • A fondness for social activities

How to Love an ENTJ Long Term

By nature, ENTJs seek long-term relationships, so knowing they are working towards the same goal can make achieving this relationship easier.

ENTJs appreciate a partner who works as hard as they play and focuses on what is crucial at the moment. Someone who has goals and dreams does well in a long-term relationship with an ENTJ, especially if they are able to help their significant other reach their goals.

Being supportive of your ENTJ’s need to focus and work hard without demanding emotional interactions that are difficult will make an ENTJ feel loved. Additionally, enthusiastically joining in on the ENTJ’s adventures will please them.

Showing honesty, loyalty, and trustworthiness will also please an ESTJ as these traits are exceptionally vital to their relationships.

Is an ENTJ Romantic?

ENTJs do not lean towards the typical ideas of romance. They are not likely to express intimate thoughts, but they are clear communicators, and their partners can be confident in what the ENTJ tells them.

An ENTJ will offer gifts and surprises to their partner. Once in a solid relationship, they have a surprising capacity for affectionate behavior.

Is an ENTJ a Good Lover?

ENTJs are enthusiastic lovers and are not shy about bringing a sense of adventure to their sexual relationship. They tend to take the lead when it comes to sex, but they put a significant amount of energy into fulfilling their partner’s needs and desires.

ENTJ Dating

Even though the ENTJ personality type enjoys fun and adventure, they are not prone to superficial or casual relationships. Dating an ENTJ is an invitation into their world, which they do not offer lightly. By the time you are dating an ENTJ, it is reasonable to believe they have observed you in several settings, and you passed the first round of tests to see if you are a good potential partner.

ENTJ Dating Personality

The ENTJ personality type is known for its strong work ethic, focus, and determination. It may surprise an ENTJ’s partner that they have a great need for fun and adventure. This personality type will in fact play as hard as they work and appreciate a significant other who will join them.

The ENTJ enjoys somewhat risky activities that push them out of their comfort zone, and they are happy to share these experiences with their mate.

ENTJs enjoy surprising their partner and frequently plan surprises and trips. They dislike having nothing to do and occasionally go overboard when planning ways to get the most out of every minute of every day.

What Type of Person Does an ENTJ Usually Date?

ENTJs tend to look for people similar to themselves. They prefer intelligent and attractive partners who share their interests.

Social activity is vital to an ENTJ. Their partner needs to be able to make a good impression and keep up with the activities. The ENTJ personality type is competitive and prefers a successful partner without overshadowing them.

What Type of Person Should an ENTJ Date?

An ENTJ would do well to date a person who can join them in their adventures and enjoys socializing. ENTJs are quite direct when expressing their opinions, and a partner who can tolerate some criticism and challenges is essential.

The ENTJ needs a loyal and supportive partner who appreciates all that their ENTJ provides. Their partner should also be highly intelligent and strongly motivated.

Dating an ENTJ

While ENTJs bring many great qualities to a relationship, they are predisposed to several challenges. Of course, this is true for all personality types.

ENTJ Dating Strengths:

  • Devoted and supportive
  • Generous
  • Enjoys adventure
  • Loves to give surprises
  • Planner
  • Straightforward communicator
  • Affectionate when in a committed relationship
  • Loyal and trustworthy
  • Encourages partner’s goals and dreams

ENTJ Dating Challenges:

  • Likes to be in control
  • Competitive
  • Can be argumentative when challenged
  • High expectations for mate’s appearance
  • Zero tolerance for any behavior that seems lazy
  • A direct communicator who can seem harsh
  • Struggles with emotions
  • Does not tune in to mate’s emotions

The ENTJ Boyfriend

An ENTJ boyfriend will often surprise his partner with special gifts or trips. He enjoys showing his mate what he can offer as opposed to telling them his ideas. Even though he is a hard worker, he will put an equal amount of effort into his relationship.

ENTJs tend to be the dominant partner and do most of the planning and leading. They appreciate a partner who joins him in his adventures as well as shows interest in his work.

The ENTJ Girlfriend

The ENTJ girlfriend is an independent thinker who is not flirtatious, flighty, or indecisive. Once in a committed relationship, she will put a significant amount of effort into building solid bonds that will last. She is protective of those she loves and finds joy in helping her significant other achieve their goals.

She is so blunt and direct that her mate always knows where they stand. An ENTJ girlfriend enjoys planning surprises and adventures for her partner and will offer gifts and tokens of affection freely.

ENTJ Compatibility Matches


ENTJ and ESTJ often take similar approaches in relationships: they are devoted, but neither is very emotionally open or attuned to their partner’s feelings. Since these two types have many shared values, this may not be a problem. However, ESTJs usually have a preference for structure and may be offended by ENTJ’s spontaneity, so clear communication is imperative for this relationship.


A relationship between an ENTJ and an INTJ can find happiness. The INTJ is, like ENTJ, devoted and affectionate in a relationship, while remaining independent when they need to be. But because they are so similar, they may avoid necessary discussions that neither is willing to start.