ENTP Women: Strengths, Weaknesses, Careers, and Hobbies of Women with the Visionary Personality Type

ENTP is an acronym representing a personality type from the Myers-Briggs test, standing for Extraverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. This personality type is known as the Debater or the Visionary. These individuals draw people to them, think quickly on their feet, and are usually intelligent and open-minded.

Key Traits of ENTP Women

An ENTP woman is energized by spending time with others, prefers to focus on the big picture of concepts and ideas, makes decisions logically, and tends to favor flexibility over a strict itinerary. Though only two percent of the population, they are notable as inspired innovators.

Read on to learn how ENTP women see the world and how they fit into society and also covers ENTP characteristics and how an ENTP woman can make the most of her limitless potential.

Strengths of ENTP Women

ENTP men and women are both known to be very extroverted, meaning that they derive energy from spending time with others. They can significantly appreciate meeting different people and being put in new situations if they can flex their mental muscles in front of an audience.

Confidence comes naturally to ENTP women, who almost always take criticism seriously. Where others might see a challenge as a deterrent, ENTPs are fearless, and failure is an opportunity for these individuals to try again and improve their innovative minds.

ENTPs love to debate any topic under the sun and relish playing devil’s advocate. Sometimes an ENTP:

  • Disagrees with the stance they have taken in an argument
  • I will argue the case anyway to learn and understand more about another point of view
  • Believes that arguing the opposite side will only strengthen their beliefs
ENTP women may sometimes seem to love debate for its own sake, but they are always in it to gain a new perspective and reinforce their ideas.

ENTP women are especially adept at being flexible in work and their personal lives and are very adaptable to any changes or problems that may come about. This does not always mean that ENTPs are the most accessible people to get along with, but they are tenacious and will go after success with unending passion.

Weaknesses of ENTP Women

One of the biggest problems ENTP women likely face is difficulty sticking to one project or plan. This can be great, as women in this personality category are amazingly adept at multitasking and do not seem overwhelmed by having their fingers in too many metaphorical pies.

If you are not careful, this strength can turn into disorganized chaos and drive those around you crazy. Procrastination can be another ENTP fault, as their ideas are so big and all over the place they can sometimes struggle to see one particular project to completion.

As long as you are careful, it should not be too challenging to reign in these weaknesses and turn them into strengths. The passion and drive of ENTP women are often unmatched by other personality types.

ENTPs have other weaknesses that can turn into strengths with a bit of work, such as:

  • Turning insensitivity to rational, emotional recognition
  • Turning stubbornness to healthy opposition
  • Turning a distaste for practicality to quickly completing a project to move to the next task
  • Turning emotive innocence into emotional expression

Best Jobs for ENTP Women

As ENTP women are such strong characters with so much potential to chase after and become whatever they want, their natural tenacity makes them excellent employees at whatever they strive for. There are, however, a few jobs that stand out as being particularly well-suited for ENTPs.

  1. Lawyer
  2. Professor
  3. Medical professional


Because ENTPs like to take on either side of an issue for argument, these individuals tend to make excellent lawyers. Whether you decide to be a defense or prosecuting attorney, your natural tenacity and quick thinking make you the type of lawyer any person would want on their side.

ENTPs love to play devil’s advocate, so relaying a compelling story to the jury is right up their alley. These types also love to be the expert on any subject they debate, which would require a lawyer or at least convincing the jury you are an authority on the matter.


Being a professor or a college instructor is another job where you must be an expert. This position is excellent for ENTPs, as college professors are given a lot more freedom in how they teach their subject matter and every day, every student and every class differs.

ENTPs can be very engaging and charismatic, making commanding a classroom’s attention a natural talent. They can also remain optimistic and energetic when other personality types do not respond well to difficulty.

The Medical Field

Simple and routine matters are the bane of every ENTP. Few jobs are more exciting and offer more variety in your experience than in the medical field. ENTPs are especially suited for work in the emergency room and trauma centers of the hospital, such as:

  • Surgeons
  • Anesthesiologists
  • ER nurses

High tension and life-threatening situations ideally fuel an ENTP as they work well under pressure and are innovative enough to solve a problem when traditional methods do not quickly. ENTPs should avoid monotonous positions or fail to present unexpected challenges, such as dentists, general practitioners, or optometrists.

ENTP women do well in medical careers that offer excitement and unique challenges.

How ENTP Women Relate to Others

ENTP women understand the frustration of discussing big-picture ideas with someone who only wants to focus on minor details. Even worse is someone who does not understand your desire to learn everything you can, even if it means arguing for a side you do not necessarily believe in.

At this point in your life, you probably know why the people you love to work and spend time with are so easy for you to be around and what types of people rub you all the wrong ways. This is a chart that will help you visualize which of the 16 personalities are compatible with ENTP women:

Soulmates Complementary Potential for Attraction Nearly Incompatible

Remember that no two people are 100 percent compatible with one another. As an ENTP, others may find you too insensitive and intolerant. Others who decide to put in the work will often see you as charismatic and charming and determine that your vitality and passion for life are just a few of your charms.

Granted, these assumptions about ENTPs and how they can relate to other personality types are not the end all be all of the relationships. ENTP women are more likely to stay friends with someone who shares similar beliefs and manners of communication, but if both parties are willing, there is no reason one might become close to their polar opposite!

Pastimes, an ENTP Woman, Might Enjoy

ENTPs love competition and striving for success, so many hobbies that are competitive or require engaging practice to accomplish are perfect for them. ENTPs are also significant for show-offs and love to command the center of attention, so hobbies that can be shared or celebrated with others would also be ideal.

  1. Music
  2. Child rearing
  3. Public speaking
  4. Debate

Singing or Playing an Instrument

ENTPs love honing a skill, so as long as they take plenty of time to practice a musical talent they are passionate about, it will not be long before they become a leading performer. These types also love to be the group’s focus, and presenting in front of a crowd tends to feel like second nature.

Learning to sing or play an instrument is a skill that typically requires a lot of dedication, time, and practice. Although many ENTPs might feel turned off by the effort needed for this hobby, they can turn this side gig into the main show. The trick for ENTPs with this will be learning to master the details.


It could be argued that motherhood is hardly a hobby, and we all know an ENTP would love that debate. ENTPs are suited for this responsibility, assuming they can develop patience. ENTPs typically become very enthusiastic and creative parents that foster curiosity for learning in their children.

Children of ENTP parents thrive under the freedom they are given to explore the world around them and the freedom to explore different, new solutions to their problems. Parenthood could also help ENTPs become more emotionally expressive and communicative.

Public Speaking

As previously stated, ENTPs love to be the center of attention and are considered experts in their field. Public speaking gives these types of opportunities to perform in front of a captive audience and demonstrate their brilliant inner workings.

Public speaking is a perfect blend of general performance and verbal display of intellectual prowess. ENTP women love to prove themselves, especially when they are well-prepared and can be quick-witted with any retorts from the audience.


ENTP women tend to favor male-dominated fields due to their intellectual, enthusiastic focus, making debate a favorable pursuit. These women do not play well under many restrictive rules, so commanding the floor and presenting their thinking methods is ideal.

ENTP women are not ones to get overly emotional or frustrated and respond very positively to criticism. As much as they love winning, learning from failure can be almost equally gratifying.

Last Thoughts

ENTP women are strong, brilliant, and a force to be reckoned with for the other 15 personality types. Although their main weakness lies in being flaky or too unemotional, their positive attributes and ability to lead any team make them a great asset to any company, family, or friend.