ENTJ Women: Strengths and Weaknesses of Women with the Executive Personality Type

ENTJ personalities are unc

ommon among the Myers-Briggs types, and female ENTJs are more uncommon still. However, these formidable women are frequently found in some of the top positions of leadership and influence.

Are you an ENFJ woman who is trying to understand yourself better or reach your true potential? Keep reading to learn more about personality traits associated with ENTJ women and how to take advantage of them.

ENTJ Women Summary

ENFJ women are extroverts who operate based on patterns and use their strong intellect to judge situations and act accordingly. They take natural command in most social situations and are motivated by prospective accomplishments. They always have a plan, and quickly rise to the top of their field.

ENTJ Personality Types

In the Myers-Briggs personality profile, an ENTJ personality has ENTJ traits associated with their decision-making, their lifestyle, the way they take in information, and the way they gather or expend energy. Below you’ll find a breakdown of how ENTJ women fall on the Meyers-Briggs classification scheme.

ENTJ Myers-Briggs Categories

Energy Type Extravert
Information Gathering Style Intuition
Decision-Making Style Thinking
Lifestyle Judging

So based on these categories, how do ENTJ women behave? Here’s how the Myers-Briggs categories can affect the dimensions of a woman’s personality:

  • Extraversion: Extraverted people tend to initiate social contact with others. These gregarious people are usually expressive in communicating with others and are known for having a high energy level in group settings. Extraverts gain energy from being around other people and expend energy on their own.
  • Intuition: People who use intuition to gather information about a situation are more inclined to make predictions or take actions based on patterns they’ve analyzed rather than concrete facts they can see. Intuitive people may be more inclined to make decisions based on a hunch without knowing all of the necessary information first.
  • Thinking: People with a thinking-based personality can be critical of others and tend to judge others based on reasoning rather than emotional urges. While thinking types tend to be more logical, they also tend to be less forgiving and more neurotic.
  • Judging: As judging personalities, ENTJ women prefer a systematic and organized lifestyle where they plan their days and initiate executive action rather than sit back and take the day as it comes. This attitude makes ENTJ personalities some of the most proactive in the Myers-Briggs personality profile.

The above traits add up to the personality profile of a woman who is intelligent and commanding in nature but one who also may be impatient and inflexible with others. The combination of motivated action and rational thinking makes ENTJs a force to be reckoned with.

Strengths of ENTJ Women

There are many personality traits associated with ENTJ women that can make their lives easier and can help drive them to succeed where other personality types might fail. Here are just a few of the most noteworthy strengths of ENTJ women:

  • Efficiency: ENTJ women are efficient when it comes to their day-to-day tasks as well as their thought processes. Since they usually don’t waste time worrying about how they feel about a situation before tackling it, they’re often halfway through the chore before some others have even begun to start.
  • Self-confidence: ENTJ women are intelligent, and what’s more, they know it. This can endow them with an air of self-confidence that can lend them both charisma and persuasive skill. Along with their extraverted personalities, their sense of self-confidence is a large part of what makes ENTJ women natural-born leaders.
  • Tenacity: ENTJ women have very strong willpower, and this strong will help them to persevere in situations where other weaker personality types may give up or call on others for help. ENTJ women are well suited for adversity since they can handle their own emotional state well while also delegating work to others.
  • Independence: Even though ENTJ women are good at commanding others, this personality type is very self-reliant and isn’t dependent on others for validation of their vision. This can help them to continue pursuing their goals even if they receive criticism from others.
  • Motivated: ENTJ personalities are highly self-motivated, and this can help them see projects through to the end whether they have help or not. Their enthusiasm and high energy levels also help to keep other people engaged in their projects too.

Combining a quick wit with a faster call to action, ENTJ women often find themselves in the eye of a hurricane of activity. Thankfully, these whirlwind women have the energy to juggle everything in their lives and then some.

Weaknesses of ENTJ Women

Even though ENTJ women have several major strengths that make them leaders among the Myers-Briggs personality types, there are some downsides to this personality profile too. Here are a few negative personality traits that are sometimes associated with ENTJ women:

  • Stubbornness: ENTJ women have a vision for their goals, and they’re not willing to compromise on them easily. This means that these women may have a tendency to dig in their heels and fight back against opposition rather than cooperate in a group setting. For some ENTJ women, this can lead to a “my way or the highway” mentality.
  • Criticality: The combination of Thinking and Judging qualities in ENTJ women makes them critical in nature and may cause them to nag or nitpick. While they’re coming from a place of love and wanting everyone to be the best version of themselves, ENTJ women can exhaust others with their critical remarks.
  • Ruthlessness: ENTJ women are strong-willed, and sometimes they’re willing to get their own way on something at any cost. This ruthless nature may make them seem unsympathetic or unyielding to others.
  • Arrogance: The self-confidence of ENTJ women can be alluring, but this confidence can sometimes swing into arrogance if an ENTJ woman doesn’t make a conscious effort to stay humble and consider the input of others. ENTJ women are sometimes perceived as arrogant even when they aren’t, just because they’re confident.

Many of the weaknesses of ENTJ women result from positive traits that have gone amok – self-confidence sliding into arrogance and perseverance sliding into ruthlessness. The main thing ENTJ women should keep in mind to manage their weaknesses is to maintain a sense of moderation in their behavior and perspective.

ENTJ women often become frustrated when others are skeptical of their view of things.

Ideal Jobs and Hobbies for ENTJ Women

ENTJ are extroverts who thrive when they’re exposed to others, so they need a dynamic job and some interesting hobbies to keep them engaged and entertained. Below you’ll find some ideal jobs and hobbies for ENTJ women that can enhance their day-to-day lives:

Ideal ENTJ Jobs Ideal ENTJ Hobbies
Business, finance, and sales positions Carpentry
Engineering Shooting
Architecture and interior design Playing a musical instrument
Legal work Rock climbing

The best ENTJ jobs for women are jobs where they can shatter the glass ceiling in male-dominated fields and employ their intelligence at the office. The best hobbies for ENTJ women are hobbies that require precision, skill, and systematic nature.

Unlike more introverted personality types who may be content to stay home in their free time, ENTJ women need to be just as engaged in leisure as they are at their jobs. Without a healthy social life and interesting hobbies, an ENTJ woman may become prone to neurotic outbursts or loneliness.

ENTJ Women Are a Force to Be Reckoned With

It may not be a common personality profile for women, but the ENTJ personality type is a woman who is strong enough to take care of herself and everyone around her in the bargain. Using intuition and intelligence, these women are prepared to take on almost anything the world can throw at them.