Best and Worst Careers for People with the ENTP Personality Type

The ENTP personality type is often classified as the innovators of the workforce. This means that people who have the qualities of this personality type love to face challenges because they can find new and improved solutions to those challenges.

You will find that there are many careers for this personality type. Many career paths provide an excellent outlet for innovators; for example, you will find many options in law, technology, business, science, and more.

The Best ENTP Careers

People with the ENTP personality type can be pretty versatile and often prove to be great at problem-solving and highly intuitive in their work. They are innovative, confident, fearless, and adaptable. There are many professional fields suited to their personality type, ranging from art to science to business.

Here is a list of careers that ENTPs tend to do well in:

Business and Finance

  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Consultant
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Advertising Manager
  • Executive
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Advertising Sales Agent

Architecture, Engineering, Technology

  • Civil Engineer
  • Architect
  • Environmental Engineer
  • Landscaper
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Computer Manager
  • Computer Network Engineer
  • Information Research Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer

Art and Media

  • Art Director
  • Graphic Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Animator
  • Actor
  • Composer
  • Musician
  • Singer
  • Producer
  • Director
  • Editor
  • Translator
  • Photographer
  • PR Specialist
  • Reporter
  • Technical Writer

Science and Medicine

  • Economist
  • Environmental Scientist
  • Epidemiologist
  • Geographer
  • Historian
  • Physicist
  • Astronomer
  • Political Scientist
  • Psychologist
  • Sociologist
  • Survey Researcher
  • Professor
  • Regional Planner
  • Physician


  • Lawyer
  • Private Detective

Because ENTPs are innovators, they have four natural inclinations:

  1. Their source of life is the exterior world.
  2. They get information through their intuition.
  3. They use their mind and logic for decision-making.
  4. They have a spontaneous lifestyle.

Any career that supports these four inclinations will provide a road to success for ENTPs.

Business And Financial

ENTP personalities have heavy-duty analytical skills. These skills make them great as consultants and analysts for businesses and financial departments. These jobs rely mainly on statistics and problem-solving skills.

People in this category often can recognize patterns and trends, and they desire to gather as much information as possible. These skills will help them identify financial, and marketing trends and be better informed with their research.

Job Job Description Average Income
Executive They plan and control organizations or companies to meet goals. They make all the decisions that have to do with the company or organization. $108,000
Market Research Analyst They research market trends and determine what products will sell next or how to market the product. $65,000
Management Consultant They recommend better processes for managing an organization or company. They provide solutions and new ideas about managing the company. $88,000

Architecture, Engineering, Technology

Problem-solving is a dominant personality trait of an ENTP person. Such skills are highly valued in technology, architecture, and engineering, where there are many issues and problems that demand a well-calculated solution.

Job Job Description Average Income
Environmental Engineer They help find solutions to complex environmental problems. They try to improve existing solutions and find better, more efficient ones. $92,000
Computer Network Architect They design and build data communications such as local area networks (LANs) and wide-area networks (WANs). $116,000
Software Developer They develop programs used with technology, e.g., for computers or cell phones. $110,000

Art and Media

As an innovator, those with this personality type are great at creating new and beautiful concepts. They can work on their own or with a team. They do well when they have artistic freedom because they are great at keeping themselves busy and doing the work required of them.

Job Job Description Average Income
Producer They are producing movies, films, and other types of entertainment. They often have the final say on anything related to a project. $76,000
Reporter Often writers as well, they investigate issues, situations, and other topics to find answers and reveal them to the public. $49,000
Graphic Designer They combine technology and their artistic sense to create animations, video games, and other media entertainment. $53,000

Science and Medicine

Science and medicine require advanced problem-solving skills and satisfy ENTPs’ desire to learn new things. With science and medicine, the world is ever-changing, and new discoveries are constantly being made. These ingredients are perfect for the interests of an ENTP person.

Job Job Description Average Income
Psychologist They help treat mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders and illnesses. They observe, assess, and try to find the best solution or treatment for their patients. $85,000
Physician They treat patients who have physical ailments as well as health as a whole, including mental health. There are specialists as well as general physicians. $300,000
Political Scientist They research information about politics, including international, national, and local levels. They also research politics throughout history and can offer opinions and theories as well as help with planning future policies within the government. $125,000


An ENTP person often uses their intuition to guide them. Working in the legal field requires ample research and knowledge, but it also demands guidance from one’s intuition.

Job Job Description Average Income
Lawyer They represent clients in different areas when they have to go to court. They have to argue and provide evidence for their client’s stance. $127,000
Private Detective They investigate clients’ issues and help provide evidence and facts about their findings. $53,000

ENTP Careers To Avoid

People who fit this category can often excel in many different types of jobs. They have natural talents that make them learn easily and work well in various environments. Even so, if the job doesn’t accentuate their natural talents, they may very well find themselves hating the career.

Here are the top five jobs someone who is an ENTP should avoid:

  1. Receptionist
  2. Machinist
  3. Medical Records Technician
  4. Assistant
  5. Factory Supervisor

These jobs often don’t have the spontaneity that the ENTP person needs to thrive. There needs to be problem-solving and some creativity for them to shine.

Hobbies An ENTP Person Would Enjoy

In addition to a fulfilling professional life, ENTP people need to have something that they are interested in as a hobby. Because they are spontaneous, they are always willing to learn new things as long as it provides room for creativity and a bit of a challenge.

You will find that no hobby is off-limits for someone in this category, but here are some hobbies that would be particularly great for an ENTP person:

  • Debating
  • Creative Writing
  • Inventing
  • Acting or Singing
  • Art
  • Crafts
  • Travel
  • Puzzles

Many hobbies can interest someone with these personality traits, especially those involving the outside world, but it all depends on the person and their interests. Some may incline towards woodwork or arts and crafts.

Hobbies that generally pique an ENTP person’s interest prompt them to use their mind and challenge them to master the task at hand. They love to use their hands and minds together to create things or solve problems.


An ENTP person can thrive in many different careers that allow them the freedom to do so. You will find that it often depends on the environment and challenges the work provides them as well as other less noticeable characteristics.

They are natural-born leaders and very gifted, and you will find that there isn’t much they can’t overcome. These people have great intuition and will be a great addition to any team or workforce.