Choose how close you are to the first or the second statement by selecting the coresponding circle.
Not at all
Very Often
1. Are the tasks you work on during the day the ones with the highest priority?
2. Do you find yourself completing tasks at the last minute, or asking for extensions?
3. Do you set aside time for planning and scheduling?
4. Do you know how much time you are spending on the various jobs you do?
5. How often do you find yourself dealing with interruptions?
6. Do you use goal setting to decide what tasks and activities you should work on?
7. Do you leave contingency time in your schedule to deal with "the unexpected"?
8. Do you know whether the tasks you are working on are high, medium, or low value?
9. When you are given a new assignment, do you analyze it for importance and prioritize it accordingly?
10. Are you stressed about deadlines and commitments?
11. Do distractions often keep you from working on critical tasks?
12. Do you find you have to take work home, in order to get it done?
13. Do you prioritize your "To Do" list or Action Program?
14. Do you regularly confirm your priorities with your boss?
15. Before you take on a task, do you check that the results will be worth the time put in?

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