ENFJ and INFP Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

Sharing many traits, ENFJ and INFP are a match that hits it off from the first moment they lay eyes on one another. Both are filled with compassion, want to help people, and are genuinely committed to clear communication that gets to the heart of any matter. When it comes to compatibility, love, marriage, and romance, ENFJ and INFP are as good as it can get.



I. Compatibility

Since both ENFJ and INFP are both willing to put others ahead of themselves, this makes the two very compatible with one another. Enjoying the chance to build an authentic relationship, each will always take their relationship very seriously, whether it is a good friendship or heavy romance.

ENFJ and INFP both like to seek out partners who help them feel more secure about themselves and the world in which they live. As they form a deeper and deeper connection within their relationship, each often comes to believe they have found their soulmate, which can help to progress what may have started out as a friendship to the romance stage much quicker than either anticipated.


Summary Chart: ENFJ and INFP Compatibility vs. Possible Conflicts

Compatibility Possible Conflicts
Each is very empathetic ENFJ may be too controlling
Strive for deep understanding of others INFP not good at decision-making
Excel at communication ENFJ may manipulate emotions
Intuitive and adaptable INFP likes being by themselves

3 Reasons Why ENFJ and INFP are Good for Each Other

With so much in common, ENFJ and INFP have plenty of reasons to be good for each other.

  1. Easily empathize with others
  2. Curiosity to understand their partner
  3. Enjoy the communication process

ENFJ and INFP are two people who can easily see many perspectives of an issue. As a result, they are each very good at empathizing with one another, which leads to very few arguments between them. Each also possesses a unique curiosity to understand their partner, which means neither will tend to keep their emotions bottled up when problems develop. 

Because they both enjoy communicating between themselves and others, ENFJ and INFP are able to feel both safe and vulnerable with each other simultaneously. This is a tremendous advantage, since it lets them contemplate their thoughts and build connections that have them feeling that even words are not necessary in some situations. Though neither is an actual mind reader, they both feel like one at times when they are together.


3 Reasons Why ENFJ and INFP are Not Good for Each Other

Despite having so much in common, there are still reasons why ENFJ and INFP are occasionally not good for each other.

  1. INFP may fall in love too fast with ENFJ
  2. ENFJ may grow weary of INFP’s idealism
  3. INFP can be too reserved for ENFJ

In most of their previous relationships, ENFJ has always been the person dishing out most of the love. Yet when they are with INFP, the roles are reversed, which may make ENFJ very uncomfortable. Should INFP put on the full-court press with their love, this may scare away a potentially great ENFJ partner. 

Often finding INFP contemplating the various plights of the world, ENFJ may grow tired of the constant stream of idealism brought forth by INFP, especially if most of it is things ENFJ feels are not realistically possible. Though both are great at communicating, there can be times when INFP may be too reserved for ENFJ, making ENFJ feel as if they don’t really know the true INFP as much as they thought.



ENFJ and INFP communicate very well with each other most of the time, primarily because they are both people who are very intuitive, caring, and feeling. Though they each can focus well on the bigger picture, INFP tends to do this more, sometimes to the frustration of ENFJ. Much more outgoing than INFP, ENFJ is always very open with their thoughts and ideas, making miscommunication between the two a rarity. 

To maximize their communication, INFP will need to be more open and less reserved about their thoughts and feelings. Sometimes more comfortable contemplating their thoughts than sharing them, INFP will eventually use their natural curiosity to help them overcome this communication roadblock with ENFJ. 


Where are they strong and why?

ENFJ and INFP are strong in their communication with one another regarding their emotions. Even if INFP is not completely comfortable doing so at times, they will nevertheless be able to express themselves well with ENFJ, primarily because they know ENFJ is so empathetic and caring. ENFJ will use their gifts of persuasion and genuineness to help make INFP comfortable within their relationship, creating a level of trust that will be hard to break.


Where do they have problems and why?

Problems can arise between ENFJ and INFP when INFP wants to be by themselves to contemplate a problem, rather than stick around with ENFJ to talk it over and find an immediate solution. This can leave ENFJ feeling like they have been shunned by someone they thought they knew and trusted. Should this happen, it may not do irreparable damage to their relationship, but it will take some time for the high level of trust to return. This usually occurs very rarely among these two, but when it does it can present quite a challenge to their friendship, romance, or marriage.


How might they improve communication?

To improve their communication, ENFJ and INFP need to take a step back and remember the things that brought them together in the first place. First, INFP needs to remember that with ENFJ, what you see is exactly what you get in them as a person, which is someone who is empathetic and will do what it takes to help INFP succeed. Meanwhile, ENFJ will need to come to terms with the fact that, from time to time, INFP will need their own space and time to think things through, which should not be taken personally by ENFJ. 


Where do they connect and why?

ENFJ and INFP connect when it comes to empathy and wanting to help others succeed. Each also loves to build personal connections with others within group settings, although ENFJ loves larger groups, while INFP prefers ones that are smaller. Since each is a good communicator and likes to get problems solved, it becomes easy for them to talk to each other, understand their thoughts and feelings, and move their relationship forward as they build trust with one another.


ENFJ and INFP: Values

As two individuals who take matters of all types very seriously, ENFJ and INFP share values that focus on developing meaningful relationships, helping others, and making the world better in any way possible.


3 Things ENFJ Values

  1. Caring for others
  2. Genuine relationships
  3. Trust and honor

Very people-focused, ENFJ does not hold back when it comes to caring for others. Whether it is their romantic partner, spouse, sick family member, or dear friend who is in need, ENFJ is the person who is always there to express kind words and figure out what needs to be done. Knowing others place their trust in them, ENFJ feels a very deep commitment to not let them down. Possessing a strong sense of honor, ENFJ will use their emotional intelligence always to do what they feel is right to help others and stand by them during a crisis.


3 Things INFP Values

  1. Their personal space
  2. Authenticity
  3. Honest communication

INFP will always value having their own personal space to think about things, process their emotions, and arrive at solutions to problems big or small. They also have a deep appreciation for authenticity since this allows them to trust someone they will be involved with in a friendship or relationship. Even if it may appear to others at times that INFP is somewhat hesitant to express their thoughts and feelings, they place a high value on honest communication. With their ability to easily see through a person’s facades, INFP will love to be around and help people whom they feel are open, honest, and authentic. 


How do their values match up?

The values of ENFJ and INFP match up quite well indeed. Each believes strongly in keeping things real, even when INFP is lost in a world of idealism. Open and honest communication, a strong sense of doing the right thing for others, and placing themselves in the other person’s shoes all make up a large part of who INFP and ENFJ are at their core. Whether they form a friendship or head into romance or marriage, ENFJ and INFP go into these relationships with sets of values that make them almost perfectly compatible. 


Love Language/Love Style

ENFJ almost always gives love more often than they receive it in most situations, meaning they really like it when someone returns the favor in their direction. ENFJ places a large premium on spending quality time with their partner, while INFP likes to have a love style based on intimate conversations, one-on-one gatherings, and frequent displays of affection.


Ways ENFJ Shows Their Love

ENFJ will show love in the following ways.

  • Long-term commitment to relationship
  • Quality time together
  • Opening up about their emotions

Because they value personal honor and standing by others, ENFJ will show their love by not being afraid to offer a long-term commitment to someone they love. Once this is done and the relationship deepens, ENFJ will never let other things get in the way of spending quality time with those they love, whether it’s a candlelight dinner or a family outing. Since ENFJ thrives on building personal connections, they are also never shy about opening up about their emotions and showing their vulnerable side to their significant other or BFF. 


Ways INFP Shows Their Love

INFP will show their love in the following ways.

  • Willingness to listen
  • Curiosity about their partner’s feelings
  • Adaptability

INFP is a person who loves to listen, which makes them an excellent friend, romantic partner, or spouse. Always wanting to keep the lines of communication open, INFP will not only be an active listener but also display a genuine curiosity about their partner’s thoughts and feelings, which will endear them to ENFJ. When in a committed relationship, they will be very adaptable, which helps them avoid many unnecessary problems. In fact, they won’t hesitate to change their plans at the drop of a hat, which will be their way of showing that they are willing to consider the other person’s needs, rather than having it be their way or the highway.


ENFJ and INFP in Bed

Being so in tune with one another’s thoughts, feelings, and emotions, it should come as no surprise that ENFJ and INFP make excellent bed partners. Rather than seeing sex and physical intimacy as acts, they view them as very important things that will bring them closer together as a couple. In fact, each derives great pleasure from these intimate moments underneath the sheets. ENFJ will give of themselves physically and emotionally, while INFP will make the experience fun and always memorable. Rather than get it over with quickly, each will instead want to make the moment meaningful and important.


II. ENFJ and INFP Couples/Marriage

How does ENFJ match up in a long-term romantic relationship?


ENFJ Male and INFP Female

An ENFJ male will be the romantic partner or husband that most women only hope to have in their lifetime. He will be very warm and supportive of his partner or spouse, always encouraging them to be their best. The INFP female will appreciate this, knowing she has as a partner someone who is committed, honest, and genuine about anything and everything. As their relationship progresses, each will grow to depend on one another more and more for emotional support.


ENFJ Female and INFP Male

An ENFJ female will always know what her partner or husband is thinking and feeling. Thus, should her INFP male not immediately open up about what’s wrong, the ENFJ female will still know the right buttons to push to get the problem out. Very persuasive, the ENFJ female will not only find out what’s wrong but offer her INFP male the encouraging words needed to get them back on track. 


III. ENFJ and INFP Conflicts

Though ENFJ and INFP are absolutely great for each other in so many ways, that does not mean their relationship is perfect. In fact, they can have numerous conflicts come up along the way, although they usually do so only rarely.


Possible Areas of Conflict (and Why)

Conflict can occur between ENFJ and INFP due to the following reasons.

  • ENFJ may push INFP not to be reserved and open up about feelings.
  • INFP can contemplate way too much for ENFJ’s tastes.
  • ENFJ may appear shallow at times to an idealistic INFP.

When this couple experiences stress, a variety of conflicts can arise. One of the most common is when ENFJ wants INFP to open up more about what’s on their mind. When under stress, this is quite a challenge for an INFP who is usually reserved and likes to have time to think about things. As INFP contemplates a situation more and more, this can frustrate ENFJ to the point of having an argument ensued. 

Should a conflict between the two linger, ENFJ will start using their powers of persuasion in an attempt to put the issue to rest and move forward. While they may have the best of intentions, INFP may view their actions as patronizing and shallow. If this occurs, even a small conflict will likely stick around for days until it is resolved.


How do they resolve conflict?

When ENFJ and INFP want to resolve their conflict, the best way to do so is by focusing not so much on the conflict itself but rather on how each other is feeling during the conflict. With these two, a strong sense of empathy for the other person will go far in bringing harmony back into their relationship. 

Both are not fans of confrontation, which makes it imperative that they quickly address potential problems and get them solved. In the best-case scenario for this couple regarding the resolution of conflict, ENFJ will give INFP the time alone they need to process their thoughts and emotions, while INFP will need to be more willing to share what’s on their mind.


How do they build trust?

When ENFJ and INFP want to build more and more trust between themselves, it takes a strong commitment from both to make it happen. Fortunately, since each is a person who focuses a great deal on helping others feel good, this comes rather naturally to both of them.

When ENFJ wants INFP to trust them, they will need to pull back on their desire to take control of the situation. Instead, ENFJ will need to accept the fact that INFP needs time to themselves for contemplation since this lets INFP get in touch with their emotions and arrive at what they think will be the best solution to their problem. 

For an INFP to gain the trust of an ENFJ, they will need to put aside their idealism once in a while and be willing to showcase more consistency on a daily basis. But perhaps more than anything, trust will be established between INFP and ENFJ when INFP comes out from behind their curtain and starts to open up about their thoughts and feelings. Once they do this, ENFJ feels as if they are getting to know the real INFP.


IV. ENFJ and INFP Friendships

As it’s probably evident by now, ENFJ and INFP are often great friends with each other. After they spend only a short amount of time with one another, it is not unusual for both to feel as if they have a BFF on an intellectual, emotional, and even spiritual level.


ENFJ vs. INFP: Approaches to Friendship

Though they are so similar, ENFJ and INFP approach friendship in different ways. ENFJ will often use their charisma and persuasive powers to get people to like them right away, which helps them establish a social network in short order. Meanwhile, INFP will make friends due to their flexible attitude and ability to adapt to various situations quickly. 

If there is one similarity they share regarding friendship, it’s that both like to always talk about what’s going on in their lives. By doing so, they can find common interests and begin to build trust.


ENFJ and INFP Friendship Dynamics

Balancing each other out within their friendship is what keeps ENFJ and INFP together as friends over the years. INFP will actually admire the charisma exhibited by ENFJ, while ENFJ will appreciate their friend’s ability to get lost in thought more than they will care to admit. As they come to appreciate their differences, each realizes this helps them gain new perspectives on their world.


What makes them good for each other as friends?

ENFJ and INFP like to meet new people, enjoy group settings and love to see others improve their lives. Between the charisma of ENFJ and the deep thoughts of INFP, any social event they attend together has them being the center of attention soon after they arrive. 


Could they be close friends?

If there is one thing you can almost consider to be a sure bet, it’s that ENFJ and INFP will be close friends as they get to know each other better. Authenticity, a commitment to helping others, and being curious about their friend’s thoughts and emotions help these two forge a close bond of friendship that can last decades.


What areas may cause them problems as friends?

If INFP stays reserved and does not express their emotions to ENFJ, this can lead to ENFJ feeling as if they have only an acquaintance. Should ENFJ try to force INFP to expand their social circle or be more expressive, INFP will find a new friend.