ENFJ Males: Important Characteristics of Men with the Protagonist Personality Type

Of all the personality types, the ENFJ is one of the rarest. Men who fall into this category tend to be caring leaders. They thrive off of teaching and helping others succeed, tend to be very loving, and are great people to be around.

ENFJ men have many attributes. As with any personality type, they are complex and well-rounded with unique strengths and weaknesses.

Read on for a more in-depth analysis of the ENFJ male and the things that make up this personality. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about this type of individual.

What are the Key Traits of ENFJ Males?

Men with the ENFJ personality type are natural leaders. They always keep the needs of others in mind when making decisions. An ENFJ man may seem arrogant in thinking he knows what’s best for someone, but that is because he cares about their welfare as much as his own.

What Does ENFJ Mean?

The ENFJ personality consists of four different parts. Each of these is important to who they are. The portions consist of:

  • E: Extraverted, meaning this man thrives on gathering with other people
  • N: Intuitive, meaning that they prefer to think things through
  • F: Feeling, meaning that they make choices with their heart
  • J: Judging, meaning that they like things to be well laid out before they convey

Together, these four personality traits make up one unique type. ENFJ is an uncommon combination, particularly for a male. The combination of extraversion and empathy does not often occur in people. ENFJs make up a mere five percent of the people in the world.

How Does ENFJ Compare Against Other Personalities?

ENFJ is, as stated before, a rare combination of traits. How do they stack up against other personalities? We will compare this group to four others to see how they differ.

Social Preferences Strengths Goals Faults
ENFJ Extroverted Natural-born leaders Improving the community around them Can be too trusting in others
INTP Introverted Exploring the world around them Finding the answers to puzzles they come across Can be insensitive to the emotions of others
ENFP Extroverted Making emotional connections Changing the world in big ways Can be impractical about plans
ISFJ Introverted Completing tasks to care for others Protecting those that they see Can be too humble about what they do
ESFP Extroverted Entertaining everyone in their life Searching for fulfillment in many places Can be easily bored with what the present holds

As you can see, the ENFJ has a very interesting personality. Most introverted personalities tend to be empathetic, while extroverted personalities are all about doing something big and bold. ENFJ mixes being a leader with loving and caring for others.

Reasons an ENFJ Male Makes a Good Friend

If you are on the hunt for a new friend, an ENFJ man might be a perfect choice. There are quite a few reasons why they would be perfect for this criteria. The ENFJ male:

  • Puts effort into the relationship. They do not want it to be one-sided.
  • They are optimistic. They tend to look on the bright side of things rather than what is going wrong.
  • They want to see you succeed.
  • They are compassionate and will not judge the journey that you are on.

The ENFJ is like the protagonist of the story. They will want to go on every adventure with you and take down the dragon. This personality wants nothing more than to watch you grow into your best self.

Values of an ENFJ Male

There are a lot of values that the ENFJ personality holds near and dear to their hearts. These are important to understand before getting to know them so that you can understand their expectations.

The values that they consider the most important are:

  • Close connections with others, understanding them on a deeper level
  • Being supportive in all circumstances, no matter what is going on
  • Taking care of family, which includes friends that are very close to them
  • Caring for the emotional and physical needs of those they hold dear
  • Helping others in need to succeed, no matter where they are in their journey

All of these values are deeply rooted in the emotional decision-making that is at the core of this personality. They are what make the ENFJ male a treasure amongst his peers in the world. He is loyal, kind, and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Strengths of an ENFJ Male

As a compassionate socialite, there are many strengths that ENFJ males have. Some of their greatest ones include the fact that they are:

  • Tolerant towards others, even in harsh circumstances
  • Reliable, as they do not want to let others down
  • Charismatic, as they can get along with all kinds of people
  • Natural leaders can take charge in any circumstance

These strengths help them to go far in their relationships, careers, and other aspects of their lives. They are very beneficial to the ENFJ male.

Weaknesses of an ENFJ Male

Unfortunately, some weaknesses come with this personality. Some of these include the fact that they:

  • Are overly idealistic and have a certain way that they think things should be done
  • Are too selfless and can allow other people to walk all over them
  • Are too sensitive and do not respond to criticism very well
  • Struggle to decide in hard times since they tend to be people-pleasers

Though these weaknesses can harm an ENFJ male, they can be worked through. The ENFJ male does not let these weaknesses drive him off the edge.

Four Things ENFJ Males Likely Want to Do

If you’re looking for a specific activity to do with an ENFJ male, you need to find something involving teamwork. They will want to do things that involve being around others and helping them succeed,

Four things to do with an ENFJ male include:

  1. An escape room with a big team, allowing them to help everyone solve the puzzle
  2. Community service, helping at a local soup kitchen, or cleaning up a park
  3. Go to a local baseball game to cheer on the local team or help out at the concessions stand
  4. Paintballing, where they can lead a team to victory

ENFJs tend to enjoy activities where they can simultaneously lead and help others. They are not fond of self-sustaining entertainment and would rather see others having fun than focus on themselves.

Five Careers Where an ENFJ Man Would Excel

As we have discussed, ENFJs very much excel at helping others succeed. The careers that they would be really good at involve teaching and pushing others to blossom in their own right.

Five careers that an ENFJ male would be great at include becoming:

  1. A counselor, and helping to point others in the direction of their best possible lives
  2. A teacher assisting students in succeeding in their studies
  3. A manager guiding a team to be as efficient and effective as possible
  4. A sales representative helping people through various problems with their products
  5. A psychiatrist assists patients out of a fog and allows them to move forward in their lives

All of these jobs involve communicating with other people. They also are positions in which the ENFJ male’s job is centered around helping others succeed rather than themselves. This is the environment that makes ENFJ the happiest and allows them to feel accomplished.


ENFJ males are unique personalities that are hard to find in this world. They are natural-born leaders that hold compassion that is visible in everything that they do. They want to be the hero and help those in their lives succeed.

ENFJ males are excellent assets to the world we inhabit. They work very well with the other fifteen personalities, providing an example of compassionate leadership for their peers.