Do INFJs Cheat?

INFJs, also known as Advocates, are one of the rarest personality types, accounting for less than 2% of the population. As empathetic and idealistic individuals, INFJs prioritize authenticity and honesty in their relationships. Let’s explore what cheating means to the INFJ personality type.

INFJs Value Honesty

Honesty and authenticity hold significant importance for INFJs in their relationships. They are loyal and sincere partners, making them one of the personality types least likely to cheat. To strengthen their relationships, INFJs should communicate openly and honestly with their partners, expressing their needs and expectations respectfully.

INFJs are Capable of Cheating

Despite their high moral standards, INFJs are human and, like anyone, are capable of cheating. It’s important not to assume that any specific personality type is immune to infidelity. When faced with temptation or emotional unfulfillment, INFJs should reflect on their feelings and consider seeking counseling or therapy to work through these issues and improve their relationships.

Some INFJs Will End a Relationship Before Considering Cheating

INFJs find cheating appalling and disrespectful. If emotionally unfulfilled, INFJs will often consider ending a relationship before even contemplating cheating. They highly value deep, fulfilling connections and will assess whether the relationship is meaningful enough to continue.

Recognizing when a relationship no longer serves them and having the courage to end it respectfully is crucial for INFJs. Communicating their feelings honestly and respectfully during these difficult moments can help them navigate these situations.

INFJs May Cheat When Emotionally Unfulfilled

If emotionally unfulfilled in a relationship, INFJs may seek fulfillment elsewhere. However, cheating is not a healthy way to communicate their unhappiness to their partner. INFJs should always strive to be straightforward and honest about their feelings, avoiding avoidance and confrontation.

When emotionally unfulfilled, communicating their needs and expectations honestly with their partner is essential. Seeking fulfillment outside the relationship is never a healthy or respectful solution.

It’s Extremely Likely that INFJs Will Stay Faithful

Due to their serious approach to relationships, INFJs are highly unlikely to cheat on their partners. They carefully choose compatible partners, entering relationships with authentic love and high moral standards. For INFJs, relationships are seen as long-term commitments, and they invest time and effort to build strong connections.

INFJs should trust their instincts when selecting partners, seeking those who share their values and are willing to invest in building strong, authentic connections.

INFJs are Loyal and Trustworthy People

If an INFJ feels disrespected, neglected, or betrayed in a relationship, they may choose to withdraw without further deliberation. For them, infidelity is not a legitimate category once they emotionally check out of a relationship. When emotionally engaged, INFJs are loyal and trustworthy partners who expect the same from their significant others. Setting boundaries and communicating expectations is essential for INFJs to maintain healthy relationships.

An INFJ’s sense of loyalty is a core part of their being. They value honesty and sincerity in all their relationships and strive to make them deep and fulfilling. While INFJs are capable of cheating, it’s crucial to recognize this possibility and work on maintaining integrity and faithfulness through setting boundaries and healthy communication even in challenging times.