Do INFJs Cry a Lot?

INFJs may often find themselves feeling overwhelmed with emotions and struggling to express them. Crying can be a natural release for pent-up feelings, and it’s okay to let it out. Here are some reasons why INFJs may cry and some ways they can cope with these emotions.

Emotional Thresholds

INFJs tend to hold in their emotions until they reach a breaking point. This can lead to outbursts of anger, detachment, or tears.

To prevent emotional overload, an INFJ needs to recognize when they are nearing their emotional threshold and take steps to decompress before it becomes unbearable. Engaging in relaxing activities like meditation or exercise can be helpful.

Extreme Sensitivity

INFJs are incredibly sensitive, so they may be quick to feel hurt, frustrated, or misunderstood. Crying can be a natural response to the overwhelming emotions of feeling unappreciated or isolated.

INFJs should allow themselves this emotional release and practice communicating their emotions with people they trust.


INFJs feel a strong sense of empathy for others and can become emotionally invested in the struggles of those around them. They may cry when hearing or reading about others’ pain or difficult situations.

Because they are so empathetic, INFJs need to focus on self-care to prevent emotional burnout. They should find ways to channel their empathetic nature into positive actions, such as volunteering or donating to causes they care about.

Extraverted Feeling

INFJs absorb a lot of emotional energy from others, making them prone to feeling overwhelmed and emotional. They may cry frequently because of this deep emotional connection with the world.

INFJs can greatly benefit from setting emotional boundaries and learning to recognize when they need to prioritize their own needs and well-being.


INFJs feel things deeply and are attuned to their own emotions and the moods of others. This constant emotional input can be exhausting, leading to tears as a release. This makes it especially important for them to take breaks when needed and to prioritize self-care to avoid becoming overwhelmed.

Crying is a natural and healthy way for INFJs to release their emotions. It’s essential for them to recognize when they need to take a break and prioritize self-care to avoid emotional burnout. INFJs are highly sensitive and attuned to the emotions of others, and they should learn to put the same level of care and attention into their own inner life.