Do INFJs Tend to Break Down a Lot?

INFJs possess a natural ability to pick up on the emotions of those around them, making them safe and empathetic listeners. However, this sensitivity can sometimes become burdensome, as INFJs may find themselves absorbing the emotional weight of others, making it challenging to separate others’ feelings from their own.

INFJs May Carry Heavy Emotions

INFJs have difficulty refusing help when others seek their support, leading to carrying the distress of loved ones. Struggling with boundaries makes it challenging for INFJs to distinguish their emotions from others, further adding to their emotional burden.

To alleviate this, INFJs should practice setting clear boundaries and communicating them to others. This way, they can continue assisting those in need without overwhelming themselves emotionally.

INFJs Are Sensitive People

As creative and insightful personalities, INFJs have a passion for helping others and expressing their ideas. However, stress can hinder their creativity and leave them feeling as though their talent is diminished.

Being highly sensitive to the emotions of others can overwhelm INFJs, hindering their own expression. To address this, they should prioritize regular self-care to reduce stress and liberate their creativity.

INFJs Are Door Slammers

INFJs tend to cut people who have hurt them out of their lives completely. Despite appearing composed outwardly, INFJs are sensitive on the inside and easily affected by others’ words and actions.

To cultivate emotional growth, INFJs should practice forgiveness and establish boundaries with those who have hurt them instead of completely cutting them out of their lives.

INFJs Seek Others’ Happiness

INFJs naturally tend to prioritize other people’s happiness over their own, often leading to feelings of depletion and unfulfillment.

As empaths, INFJs absorb the emotions of those around them, which can be overwhelming. To balance this, INFJs should prioritize self-care and establish boundaries to ensure their needs are met while helping others effectively.

INFJs Avoid Emotional Displays

INFJs may find it challenging to express their emotions openly, holding back tears out of fear of appearing weak or upsetting others.

Recognizing the importance of emotional expression for mental and emotional well-being, INFJs should allow themselves to cry when necessary, either in private or with a trusted friend, to release pent-up emotions.

INFJs are susceptible to emotional overload due to their empathetic and highly sensitive nature. Setting boundaries, practicing self-care, and allowing themselves to express their emotions are essential for the mental and emotional health of an INFJ. By prioritizing their well-being, INFJs can continue to help others effectively.