What Makes INFPs Uncomfortable?

INFPs value authenticity, empathy, and creativity. They process their thoughts and feelings internally and strive for personal growth and meaning in life. However, certain situations and people can make them feel uneasy and uncomfortable. Let’s look at some things that tend to make INFPs uncomfortable.


INFPs are turned off by arrogance and entitlement due to their humility. They believe in the potential of every individual and value humanity in all its forms. Being around people who think they are better than others can be frustrating and uncomfortable for INFPs. To overcome this issue, they can try to avoid people who display arrogant behavior or find ways to assert their values and boundaries when necessary.

Tip: INFPs should surround themselves with people who share their values and appreciate their unique perspectives.

Being Pushed into the Spotlight

INFPs tend to be reserved and self-conscious about being the center of attention. While they enjoy creative pursuits that may bring them attention, they prefer to do so without the scrutiny of being in the spotlight. To overcome this issue, INFPs can find ways to express their creativity without putting themselves in the limelight. For example, they could create art or share stories with friends who appreciate their work.

Tip: INFPs should practice self-care to build confidence in expressing themselves.

People Lacking Listening Skills

INFPs are excellent listeners and enjoy connecting with others on a deep level. When others fail to reciprocate this level of attention, it can be frustrating and uncomfortable for them. INFPs prefer to be listened to thoroughly before receiving any advice or solutions. To overcome this issue, they should communicate their need for empathy and understanding before receiving feedback or advice.

Tip: INFPs should practice active listening with others to set a standard for the behavior they value.

Second-hand Embarrassment

INFPs tend to empathize deeply with others, and this can lead to experiencing second-hand embarrassment. They may feel embarrassed when someone else is making falling flat jokes or when their work is being harshly scrutinized in an academic or professional setting. To overcome this issue, INFPs can remind themselves that others’ reactions and opinions do not define anyone’s worth or talent.

Tip: INFPs should practice self-affirmation and mindfulness to stay grounded in their self-worth. They should also let others know that they appreciate them.

As INFPs are creative and imaginative, valuing authenticity and personal growth, they may feel misunderstood by others who do not share their unique perspective and way of processing information. By learning to accept themselves, ensuring their needs are met, and surrounding themselves with supportive individuals, INFPs can overcome discomfort and live a fulfilling life true to their values and passions.