What do INFPs Like to Talk About?

INFPs appreciate engaging in deep and meaningful conversations that allow them to explore imaginative possibilities and discuss topics of personal interest. They possess a strong sense of empathy and enjoy connecting with others on a deeper level rather than engaging in dominating conversations.

Topics that INFPs Enjoy

INFPs often have an artistic inclination and enjoy discussing topics related to books, stories, poetry, and music that inspire them. They also enjoy conversations centered around philosophy, ethics, politics, history, morals, science, TV shows, anime, video games, sports, and occasionally lighter subjects. What truly matters to them is engaging in conversations that transcend surface-level discussions, enabling them to delve into ideas and concepts in depth.

Overcoming Shallow Conversations

Small talk does not particularly interest INFPs, as it lacks the opportunity for a genuine connection on a deeper level. Instead, they prefer discussing the realities of life, including struggles, joys, and their innermost thoughts. This kind of conversation fosters a sense of connection and leads to more meaningful interactions. To overcome shallow conversations, INFPs can ask open-ended questions that encourage deeper discussion and allow for a more profound exploration of topics.

Making Conversations Count

As an INFP, your social energy is valuable and should be invested in conversations that truly matter. When choosing conversation partners, seek out individuals who share your interests and values and are willing to engage in deep, meaningful exchanges. Consider attending events or activities aligned with your interests, as this can facilitate meeting people who share your passions and are more likely to engage in conversations that resonate with you.

By engaging in discussions about art, imagination, and other topics of personal interest and by seeking out individuals who are open to deep conversations, INFPs can have more fulfilling interactions that touch upon what truly matters to them.