What are INFPs Attracted to?

INFPs, as idealists who value love and romance deeply, have certain qualities they are attracted to in a partner. In this article, we’ll explore these qualities that draw INFPs in and provide tips for expressing your best qualities as an INFP.


INFPs are attracted to authentic individuals who are unafraid to be their true selves. They value a strong identity and constantly pursue personal growth and self-awareness.

Tip: Be open and honest, allowing your genuine self to shine through.


INFPs deeply feel emotions and appreciate partners who share their sensitivity. They consider emotional depth an essential trait in healthy adults.

Tip: Embrace and express your emotions openly, demonstrating vulnerability to potential romantic partners.

Deep Conversations

INFPs love engaging in deep conversations and enjoy discussing the mysteries of life. They are attracted to individuals who can entertain their hypotheticals and engage in intellectual discussions.

Tip: Initiate conversations that delve into philosophical and thought-provoking topics, encouraging others to explore new ideas.


INFPs are drawn to intelligence and admire individuals who approach things uniquely. They appreciate complex inner worlds and are excited by those who can teach them new things.

Tip: Share your knowledge and unique perspective, showcasing your intellectual depth.

Good Listener

INFPs desire partners who can listen to them and validate their emotions. They are hurt by those who dismiss or belittle their feelings.

Tip: Communicate your need for emotional validation and demonstrate that you are also willing to understand your partner’s perspective.


INFPs are attracted to kind-hearted individuals who strive to make the world a better place. They have a solid aversion to bullies and those who cause harm to others. As an INFP, you possess this quality as you stand up for what is right.

Tip: Show kindness and compassion to those around you, advocating for marginalized voices and promoting a better world.

While INFPs may seem complex and mysterious, they are attracted to simple yet essential qualities in a partner. By being authentic, sensitive, engaging in deep conversations, demonstrating intelligence, being a good listener, and exhibiting kindness, you can showcase your best qualities as an INFP.