How do INFPs Make Friends?

Making friends can be challenging for INFPs, who value deep and meaningful connections and often prefer their own company. In this article, we will explore some insights and tips on how INFPs can make friends, their values in friendships, and common challenges they may face.

It Takes Time for INFPs to Find Friends

INFPs are warm and intense friends but require time to develop deep connections. This can lead to solitude and loneliness, during which INFPs engage in introspection to understand their better relationship needs.

Tip: Embrace alone time and use it for self-exploration. Pursue new hobbies, read books, and explore personal interests. This self-discovery can reveal aspects of yourself that you can share with potential friends.

What INFPs Value in Friendships

INFPs prioritize shared values and profound connections over surface-level experiences. They are unlikely to form friendships based solely on convenience or proximity, seeking instead to connect with individuals who bring diverse perspectives and experiences.

Tip: Seek out potential friends who share some of your interests. Join clubs, take classes, or volunteer for causes that resonate with you. Engaging in activities aligned with your values increases the likelihood of forming deep connections.

How INFPs Make Friends

Building and maintaining solid friendships involve making small talk, nurturing relationships, and putting oneself out there. While these aspects may feel challenging or mundane to an INFP, they are crucial for establishing lasting friendships.

Tip: Practice engaging in small talk with people you encounter daily, such as baristas, cashiers, or neighbors. Although it may initially feel awkward, this practice can help develop social skills and increase your comfort when approaching potential friends.

Common Challenges INFPs Face

INFPs can be hard to get to know due to their private nature. They may struggle to form deep connections with individuals who engage in shallow or gossipy conversations. Additionally, their kindness and generosity may make them vulnerable to being taken advantage of in one-sided relationships, leading to feelings of exhaustion.

Tip: Establish boundaries in your relationships and prioritize your well-being. Learn to say no when necessary, and not hesitate to distance yourself from people who do not respect your boundaries or exploit your kindness.

Making friends may require effort and patience for INFPs. Still, by embracing alone time, valuing shared values and interests, practicing small talk, and setting healthy boundaries, they can form deep and meaningful connections that bring joy and fulfillment to their lives.