How do INFPs Deal with Stress?

INFPs, like everyone else, encounter stress in their lives. However, as an INFP, you may find it challenging to handle stress in a way that aligns with your values and emotions. This article will explore techniques to help you manage stress healthily and productively.

Use Your Introverted Feeling and Extraverted Intuition

When faced with stress, you can rely on your dominant functions, Introverted Feelings, and Extraverted Intuition for support.

Your introverted feeling allows you to internalize your experiences and cultivate your inner life. Taking time alone to reflect on your feelings and align them with your values can be beneficial.

Additionally, utilizing your extraverted intuition function can help you explore alternative possibilities and imaginative approaches to handling stress. This function drives you to seek new experiences in the outside world to develop your sense of self.

Tip: Engage in activities like journaling, drawing, or painting to relieve stress and connect with your inner self, as many INFPs find these creative pursuits helpful.

Be Aware of Your Shadow

As an INFP, relying too heavily on the opinions and morals of others can lead to inconsistency and a loss of self. This may result in projecting negative traits onto others and coming across as critical, bossy, or overly concerned with insignificant details.

Tip: Take time to reflect on your own beliefs and values. Stay true to yourself and avoid getting caught up in the opinions of others.

Avoid Falling into the Shadow of ESTJ

During stressful situations, you may start using your Introverted Intuition in an unhealthy manner, seeking sudden realizations or epiphanies without proper evaluation. This can lead to misjudging people, causing mistrust and alienation.

Tip: When you have a hunch or realization, step back and objectively evaluate the situation. Gather more information before making decisions or judgments.

Don’t Hide Your Stress

INFPs often conceal their stress from others, not wanting to burden or worry them. However, this can increase stress levels and hinder you from seeking the help and support you need.

Tip: Reach out to a trusted friend or family member for support. It’s perfectly okay to ask for help when you’re feeling stressed.

As an INFP, managing stress can be challenging, but it is crucial to prioritize self-care and find healthy ways to cope. By utilizing your dominant functions effectively, being aware of shadow tendencies, and seeking support when needed, you can develop strategies to handle stress and maintain your well-being. Remember to stay true to yourself and seek assistance when necessary.