How Do INFJs Deal with Stress?

INFJs are more sensitive than most people so they may feel stressed in various aspects of life, including work, school, and relationships. Let’s take a look at how INFJs naturally approach stress and some of the best ways for them to manage stressful environments.

Reliance on Intuition

INFJs rely heavily on their intuition to find solutions to problems. They may also look for outside answers by engaging their auxiliary function, Extroverted Feelings. The combination of feeling and intuition can be used to great success in bringing resolution to stressful situations. ISTJs are most in touch with their intuition when they have time alone to reflect.

The Role of the Inferior Function

Under stress, INFJs may fall into the grip of their inferior function, Extraverted Sensing (Se). This can lead to impulsive behavior and a lack of focus. Engaging in indulgent, self-destructive habits like binge-eating or watching too much television is not uncommon for INFJs in this situation. An INFJ under stress should try to recognize when this is happening and take steps to prevent it. Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help them stay present and avoid impulsive behavior.

Analyzing Responses

INFJs often attempt to deal with their feelings internally. When unexpected things happen, they can become overwhelmed and feel immobilized. When faced with a situation they cannot handle entirely within their own mind, INFJs should seek support from someone who can provide stability and a different perspective. Practicing self-care regularly can prevent burnout and help with managing stress.

Taking Time Alone

INFJs need to be alone when they are stressed to fully monitor their feelings and responses. Tuning into spiritual energy can help them stay calm and focused during stressful situations. Activities such as yoga or meditation can help them connect with their spiritual side.

Managing Emotional Outbursts

When under extreme stress, INFJs may be prone to extreme emotional outbursts or self-destructive habits. They should learn to recognize when this is happening and take steps to manage their emotions. Physical activities like exercise or hobbies can help them manage stress.

Being an INFJ can be challenging, but managing stress is essential for anyone’s well-being. By recognizing their triggers, relying on intuition, and practicing self-care, INFJs can manage stress effectively and maintain their inner peace.