In general, Type C personalities can offer precise details about almost anything. They like to follow the rules in their professional and personal lives. And that’s a good thing because it brings them stability, an aspect they treasure. Because they are analytical and systematic, they are excellent problem solvers! When focused on solving a task, they get creative because they see details others miss.

Such individuals are usually peaceful and adaptable. They assess new situations objectively and approach them with tact. As a result, they minimize risks. Don’t expect to go bungee jumping…on the spot with someone who fits a “C” personality type! They won’t take that chance!

Conscientious people like being dealt with in a reserved, formal manner. For them, it’s a matter of respect and recognition. As managers, they have an “all-hands-on-deck” attitude that gets the job done and has the wow effect. Because they like being right, they spend time researching every aspect of a situation. That leads to very high standards for themselves and the people around them.

Like the “S” personality type, this one is also adverse to change. It will prefer sticking to methods that have proved successful in the past instead of trying something new. The difference here is how they react to confrontational situations. “S” people give in and comply with expectations, while “C’s” do anything in their power to avoid it.

The only people who can make sense of the image below are the Cautious personality type, also known as The Analyzers. And then they’ll tell you the result isn’t accurate.


How to get along with a DISC Type C “Thinker”?

  1. do not criticize
  2. offer precise information
  3. respect their need to be alone
  4. they are automatic organizers, so… let them organize
  5. do not generalize; it isn’t very kind

DISC Type C Personality Traits and Characteristics

  1. calmness
  2. need to double- or triple-check
  3. saying it like it is (they are, in fact, the reality anchor of the group)
  4. difficulty in expressing feelings
  5. little social interactionDISC Keynote Presentation.062

How Many People Are DISC Personality Type C?

According to Integrity Works Coaching, 15-20% of the population identifies as a Type C DISC personality type.

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