What Are the Best Jobs for Different DiSC Personality Types?

Your DiSC Assessment personality profile can say a lot about what job you’d be good at.

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Many employers use the DiSC profile to evaluate employees based on how they might react given a particular situation. For example, these tests can determine whether a person meets the criteria for a high-demand environment or if they are listed for slower-paced work.

The results also give insight into other personality traits, making it a reliable source for those seeking a career that accommodates their preferences and tendencies.

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The assessment gauges emotions and behavioral response by focusing on four prime domains: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Consciousness. More specifically, the model works on a continuum of pace (energy and activity) and level of trust. Although some individuals fall under just one of these styles, many others have a combination of traits. As a result, there are twelve different personality types. These include:

  • D: convincing, straightforward
  • DC: determined, purposeful
  • Di: persuasive, bold
  • iD: energetic, encouraging
  • i: talkative, entertaining
  • iS: cheery, laid-back
  • Si: reassuring, easy-going
  • S: balanced, team-oriented
  • SC: humble, self-effacing
  • CS: reserved, composed
  • C: systematic, independent
  • CD: apathetic, realistic

To determine their profile, users answer questions about the previously mentioned characteristics. Afterward, they receive a score within each domain, correlating with one of the twelve personality types defined in the DiSC assessment.

To complete the test and discover your results for free, click here. However, if you already know your personality type, read on to learn about the most fitting job industry.

DISC and Career Match Answers

The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type D

The D personality, one of the four primary types, has a strong drive for success. They focus on results by working quickly and making efficient, direct decisions. Typically straying away from the social scene, these people prefer to be independent and have control over a situation. They also tend to motivate and challenge their coworkers urgently.

Aside from being top-notch leaders, they struggle with teamwork, details, and planning. D personalities can come off as critical, making conversation rather tough. Theichallengingceful and impatient predispositions may be intimidating, especially since they forget to include others in problem-solving. However, They do this because they want to achieve their objective instantly without spending additional time on the specifics.

DiSC D types feel most content in authoritative positions. When they set a goal, nothing stops them from achieving it. They carefully choose their plan of action before meticulously executing each step.

These factors make them highly qualified as the following:

  • presidents
  • founders
  • CEOs
  • police officers
  • lawyers
  • directors
  • any other professions that display power


The Best Careers for DiSC Personality Type DC

DC types seldom enjoy social situations and engage in solemn, business-related interactions with an end goal. Outsiders must realize that these people are not trying to hurt the feelings of others, though they may come across as cold conversationalists. Instead, their internal thought revolves around the necessary steps to succeed, even if that puts a damper on their public life. Those with this personality work hard to control their environment to evade distractions. Realists demonstrate concrete thought and cautious behavior in every aspect of their lives.

Coworker communication is the biggest flaw in those with this personality. DC types often appear rude and controlling because of their direct, straightforward nature. They often consider logic rather than feelings, which may increase tension among coworkers. They can become critical, inflexible, and firm since they want to find quick and easy solutions. These people will also turn argumentative and stubborn if things do not go to plan or others try to overpower them.

Individuals with this personality enjoy stable, secure environments that allow them to grow and expand.

Typically, they find themselves as the following:

  • manager
  • director
  • officer
  • attorney

More specifically, these industries are good for them:

  • sales
  • finance
  • architecture
  • operations


The Best Careers for DiSC Personality Type Di

Those with a Di personality take charge while motivating those around them to exercise their abilities. They will likely grow upon their reflections and find unique solutions that coworkers might not. These individuals excel in management and often work quickly and efficiently to finish a project. As a result, they make excellent, convincing leaders with the talent to direct others while thoroughly carrying out the task at hand.

These types do have weak points, however. Due to their fast-paced style, they may unintentionally put pressure on their coworkers. They can become overly demanding and expect too much from those around them. Being fixated on a goal or idea, they may skip on the details and fail to provide a step-by-step approach to a solution. These people also prefer being superior and have trouble taking direction from a higher power.

Regardless, these factors do not detract from the many positives the driver personality brings to the working world.

Their competitive and persuasive nature, goal-oriented behavior, and a strong sense of direction make them exceptional …

  • executives
  • chief officers
  • entrepreneurs

More specifically, they excel in …

  • business
  • sales
  • recruiting
  • accounting


The Best Careers for DiSC Personality Type iD

The iD type thrives in the social scene and naturally knows how to communicate practically and excitingly. The workplace appreciates their laid-back yet animated demeanor, making them highly approachable. Being around new people gives these individuals an exciting challenge, and they have an easy time bringing groups together. They produce quality leaders since they also flourish in problem-solving, improvising, and delegating.

Nonetheless, these social beings display some weaknesses. For example, the iD personality does not spend much time planning or establishing a routine. They get excited about their ideas and, as a result, overlook critical details. Although their optimistic worldview fuels their inner excitement, it may also prevent them from seeing the reality of situations. Coworkers may keep up with them, leading to an imbalanced work environment.

With their bubbly and charming people abilities, these individuals work well in high-energy, social settings. They crave constant stimulation in a continuously changing atmosphere and strongly dislike structure and rules.

The iD type fits best in roles of leadership, such as …

  • managers
  • directors
  • founders


These people should consider jobs in …

  • sales
  • marketing
  • public relations
  • talent acquisition industries


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type i

The I DiSC personality has strong socialization skills due to its outgoing, friendly nature. They love being around people and understand how to successfully engage in conversation while maintaining a relaxed, amicable persona. They connect well with others, allowing them to understand and motivate those around them. Their positive energy also encourages a healthy, productive work environment.

The I type has trouble with a structured, predictable routine that many workers require. They spend most of their time conversing with others, leaving little room for task competition. These people generally have trouble making decisions for fear of disapproval or rejection. They also fail to pursue many of the great ideas they have.

These people must let their creativity shine with the opportunity to learn and explore new things. They require regular interaction with others and usually prefer occupations involving greater collaboration.

DISC I Personality Type Careers:

  • Writer
  • Artist
  • Graphic Artist
  • Designer
  • Musician
  • Public Relations Professional
  • Realtor
  • Marketing Professional


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type iS

Those who identify as an iS type see the best in others and have an optimistic, cheery personality. Their main goal is to encourage others to achieve as much as possible to help them grow in their abilities. They feel most content when interacting with those around them and often use their kindness to build a strong camaraderie. The iS personality creates a welcoming and safe atmosphere in the process.

These individuals take immense satisfaction in making friends. However, this leads to their ultimate downfall, as others see them as acquaintancacquaintancesauthories. They struggle to reach a goal because of their hopeful expectations of others, people-pleasing predispositions, and lack of planning. They do not like routine or consistency and have trouble making rational decisions.

The iS DiSC personality loves to maintain balance and harmony. They desire to meet many people and help them succeed as much as possible.

These types excel in roles that influence others in a positive way, such as …

  • directors
  • managers
  • professors

Choosing the following fields should give the most satisfaction:

  • public relations
  • Ministry
  • teaching
  • coaching


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type Si

Highly compassionate and empathetic, the Si personality type knows how to make others feel supported while establishing a deep level of trust. These people are down to earth and genuine, as they promote calm and ease in their approachable demeanor. Because they are accepting of their colleagues, they also make great coworkers.

While these employees are agreeable and easy to get along with, their practices may cause some issues. By avoiding confrontation and negative feedback, colleagues may not know what Si types expect of them. They may even crack under pressure or when faced with hostile or aggressive people and do not do well in emotionally charged situations. These individuals struggle to make judgments and do not want to upset others. Accordingly, they lose authority quickly due to their tendency to become friends with coworkers.

Si types desire peace and harmony in all aspects of their work. They want nothing more but to help others around them and establish a sense of trust and friendship. These people need verbal affirmation, meaning that collaborative environments best suit them.

Many individuals with this personality become …

  • counselors
  • teachers
  • advisers
  • support specialists
  • therapists


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type S

S personalities have a knack for making others feel comfortable and at ease. They display a natural awareness for others, and this, in combination with their patient demeanor, makes them excellent peacemakers. Some may consider them genuine counselors or therapists, as they are highly empathetic and understanding. In the working world, they produce long-lasting, healthy relationships built on trust and certainty. These types motivate those around them while calming stressful situations.

The kind-hearted practices of these humanitarians have their drawbacks. These people have a tough time being direct, providing negative feedback, and making decisions that affect others. They struggle when dealing with angry or unruly individuals and often fail to be productive in emotionally charged environments. Their desire to avoid conflict can also create indirect, unclear communication, leaving people around them feeling confused and led astray.

To feel most fulfilled, these individuals must work in a people-oriented job that allows them to display their compassionate side. They gain self-worth and motivation by helping others and building trusting relationships. Many also prefer to plan for the future and abide by those details.

For these reasons, they best excel in the fields of  …

  • medicine
  • therapy
  • customer service
  • assistant positions


S types should consider becoming a …

  • nurse
  • counselor
  • doctor
  • dentist


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type SC

Those with an SC DiSC type are not risk-takers, as they flourish in predictable jobs that rarely change. Before deciding, they carefully weigh all their options and consider each detail. They live by a strict routine and efficiently map the goals necessary to reach a solution. These individuals further excel in the social scene and team-driven settings with their ability to work in harmony with those around them.

People with these personalities struggle in a few ways. Because of their need for stability, they tend to sacrifice their own needs to maintain harmony and balance. They may fail to voice their feelings, leading to resentment and anger. When working in a team, they may be more agreeable than giving honest insight, which becomes an issue since new ideas stem from different viewpoints. They also take longer than average to make a decision and may either delay these choices or give the responsibility to someone of a higher power.

Professions that require a high level of meticulous, organized work seem to suit these individuals best. They particularly enjoy producing plans, rules, and guidelines. Their efficiency in the decision-making process also brings a to eat deal of importance to the right environment. These people also need to be around others to feel energized.

As a result, they do their most exceptional work as …

  • scientists
  • researchers
  • directors
  • analysts

They might consider becoming one of the following:

  • accountant
  • pharmacist
  • service technician


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type CS

CS personalities are known for their grave but methodical behavior. They admirably articulate their words and do not show much emotion in their speech. They have a strong intuition for fake, insincere, and self-absorbed people, even though they avoid the social spotlight. They are exceptional at decision-making, as they listen intently before logically choosing the most effective approach to fixing a problem. These types also do well when teaching others in an instructional, step-by-step way.

The CS DiSC type does not enjoy social situations, which can become problematic when they isolate themselves and work alone rather than in a team. These individuals tend to think orderly, failing to include verbal communication or abstract thought in their approach. They make lengthy decisions and typically hesitate to finalize a solution without endorsement from an authoritative figure. Being perfectionists, they may take on too much and overcomplicate simple tasks.

Building on their skills and consistent growth in their learning makes these people feel most content. They need to work in an orderly environment that promotes stability and security.

With their expertise in systems, details, and structure, they chiefly display their skills in financial, engineering, and scientific roles. Many CS types end up as …

  • scientists
  • accountants
  • researchers
  • systems administrators


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type C

The C personality type requires much independence, privacy, and isolation. They are hesitant to join social groups and take longer to become comfortable with others. Their analytical perception of life brings unique qualities to the work environment. These people know which questions to ask systematically, making them outstanding problem-solvers. They display exemplary decision-making abilities by analyzing information and learning from previous data or outcomes.

These people are true perfectionists and have little patience for situations and people that do not align with these ideals. They spend too much time interpreting data and finding solutions in an attempt to find the perfect answer. Those who identify as a C type may appear hypocritical, as they tend to ask too many questions while criticizing those who fail to demonstrate innate precision and accuracy.

Careers for these people must include independent, analytical effort without much collaboration or socialization. They also need a highly structured environment with exact instructions and rules.

DISC Personality C Careers:

  • Engineer
  • Analyst
  • Scientist
  • Developer
  • Systems Administrator
  • Data Scientist
  • Investment Analyst
  • Actuary


The Best Careers for DISC Personality Type CD

CD types love to ask why things happen and favor logical answers. Avoiding the social scene almost entirely, they appear cold and detached upon first impression. However, in time, they learn to trust those closest to them, even if they still appear emotionless. These individuals also require an ast amount of alone time and personal space. Only benefit the work environment with their structured and effective tactics. These people know what they want and exactly how to get it, even if that means discounting the feelings of others along the way.

Likewise, these types can appear inconsiderate and ruthless. However, those working with the CD type must understand that their internal processes revolve around success and problem-solving rather than emotions. Remember that they do not intentionally disregard others’ feelings but do not think of them. As a result, they may struggle to maintain strong relationships with coworkers and instead come across as micromanagers, controlling, and robotic.

People with this personality do best in leadership roles that allow them to display authority. They know how to find and execute the solution to a problem and effectively eliminate counterproductive distractions.

These individuals also need their work to reflect their independent and logical nature, making the following positions good fits:

  • manager
  • officer
  • director positions
  • chief financial officer
  • business strategist
  • architect
  • sales operations manager


Using the DiSC Assessment to Help Determine a Good Job Fit

Sometimes it can be troublesome to decipher what qualities best fit a particular career. Those who need to be surrounded by people may hate working in an autonomous environment. These factors highly influence the level of satisfaction in a person’s work life. Specific roles also require definitive skills determining someone’s comfort and ease.

Choosing a suitable occupation makes all the difference, especially for high school and college students looking to further their degrees. Finding that field of interest saves time, money, and stress. The DiSC profile does all this and more by giving these people the self-awareness necessary for these decisions, so they can confidently invest in their future.

Employers also use this test to assess qualities and decide between job candidates. Therefore, taking the DiSC test beforehand may assist in the application process. Applying for jobs that accommodate applicable talents and abilities prevents people from getting denied or ending up in the wrong line of work. Overall, this test serves a wide variety of people by allowing them to realize their true potential and setting them up for success.

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