What do INFPs Value?

INFPs are guided by their values and often embody the archetype of a romantic dreamer. They tend to focus on improving the world rather than accepting the status quo. While they may appear quiet and sensitive, they can be outspoken and passionate when their values are challenged. Let’s explore some of the critical values that INFPs hold dear.


Authenticity is a core value for many INFPs. They strive to be true to themselves and avoid anything that goes against their authentic selves. INFPs also hold those around them to high standards of authenticity. When skillfully handled, this can foster deeper connections with others who appreciate having their values respected and may become more interested in engaging with INFPs.

Awe and Wonder

INFPs sincerely appreciate the world around them and find themselves in awe of its beauty. They often focus on the small details and take time to appreciate life’s wonders truly. Whether exploring nature or embarking on a journey, INFPs tend to find joy in the little things. They may not always express their awe outwardly, but internally, they are captivated by the world’s marvels.


INFPs have a penchant for daydreaming and theorizing. They enjoy delving into the underlying reasons behind people’s behaviors and the experiences that have shaped them. INFPs may find themselves lost in their thoughts, playing out scenarios and conversations that may never occur. While their daydreaming nature allows them to explore their imagination, it can also lead to an inner conflict as they carry the weight of the past while idealizing the future.

A Harmonious Environment

INFPs highly value harmony, and they strive to create peaceful surroundings. They are averse to tense situations and conflict, preferring everyone to get along. INFPs are sensitive to the moods of others and can quickly become drained or anxious in discordant environments. Resolving conflicts is essential for their peace of mind, and they may struggle with criticism or judgment, aiming to maintain positive relationships with others.

Deep Connections with Others

INFPs crave deep and meaningful connections with others. They prioritize a few close relationships over numerous casual acquaintances. Authentic connections are crucial for their social satisfaction. For INFPs, friendship is about finding individuals with whom they can open up and establish reciprocal trust. While it may take time to find these profound connections, INFPs cherish them deeply and value the ability to be vulnerable with those they trust.

As an INFP, recognizing and honoring these values can guide you toward a more fulfilling and authentic life. Embrace authenticity, appreciate the beauty around you, allow yourself to daydream while staying present, seek harmony in your environment, and nurture deep connections with others. By aligning with your core values, you can create a life that resonates with your authentic self and fosters meaningful connections with the world around you.