What Do INFJs Like to Talk About?

INFJs thrive when driven by a profound sense of purpose and meaning in life. They engage in conversations that explore existential questions and promote personal growth and learning. Connecting with like-minded individuals who appreciate their energy and vibe is important to them.

Tackling Existential Questions

INFJs enjoy delving into the deeper meaning and purpose of human life. They ponder questions that touch on the essence of human existence, such as the sources of joy, pain, and ecstasy. However, this deep contemplation may sometimes lead to existential crises. To balance this aspect, INFJs can explore spirituality or engage in purposeful activities.


INFJs naturally gravitate toward topics that deal with the human condition on an academic level. They are fascinated by psychology and emotional health issues. To further their understanding of these subjects, INFJs can read books or listen to podcasts by experts in the field.

Vibing with Vibes

INFJs prefer conversations that are mutually engaging and appreciative of each other’s energy. They value their own energy and are selective about spending it on those who understand and appreciate it. To connect with like-minded individuals, INFJs can seek out events or online communities aligned with their interests.

Delving into the “Whys” of Things

INFJs enjoy exploring topics that require deep thought and delve into the underlying reasons. They may discuss various subjects like medicine, spirituality, personal development, culture, art, science, science fiction, or politics. To initiate conversations around these topics, INFJs can ask open-ended questions and show genuine curiosity about others’ perspectives.

Topics that Promote Learning and Growth

INFJs are drawn to discussions offering depth and meaning, particularly those facilitating learning and personal growth. Psychology, in particular, captures their attention due to their inherent interest in understanding the human mind. To continue expanding their knowledge, INFJs can consider enrolling in courses, attending workshops, or engaging in self-reflection.


Movies, books, art, and music serve as excellent conversation starters for INFJs. They enthusiastically engage with their favorite artists and enjoy conversing with others who share similar interests. To broaden their horizons in these areas, INFJs can explore different genres and participate in events related to their entertainment preferences.

Future-Focused Ideas

INFJs relish discussions about plans, projects, dreams, and aspirations. Sharing their ideas with others serves as motivation to pursue them diligently. They also enjoy hearing about other people’s projects and offering advice and assistance when possible.

To make progress toward their goals, INFJs should break them down into manageable steps and set achievable deadlines. Celebrating successes and learning from setbacks are essential components of their personal growth journey.

Discussing topics that hold depth and meaning plays a significant role in the personal development of INFJs. By exploring spirituality, delving into psychology, and connecting with like-minded individuals, INFJs can continue their journey of learning and expanding their knowledge. Setting achievable goals and celebrating successes will enable them to fulfill their dreams and aspirations while seeking purpose and meaning in life.