What do ESTJs like to Talk About?

ESTJs thrive on clear communication and practical discussions. By understanding the topics that appeal to them, they can improve their interactions with others, leading to more effective collaboration and personal growth.

Clear Plans and Objectives

ESTJs appreciate discussions that have a clear purpose and are focused on specific plans and objectives. Providing concrete information, such as objectives, standards, expectations, timelines, deadlines, and responsibilities, resonates with their preference for clarity and efficiency.

ESTJs should ensure their conversations are well-organized and clearly outline the necessary details. Being prepared and ready to discuss specific plans and objectives will align with their preference for clear communication.

Keeping Emotions in Check

ESTJs are task-oriented individuals who prefer to keep personal emotions separate from their work. They perceive emotions as irrational and irrelevant when it comes to completing tasks. For an ESTJ, a worthwhile conversation focuses on logical, rational, and objective points rather than emotional complexities.

ESTJs naturally maintain a calm and composed demeanor when communicating. Keeping emotions out of the conversation and presenting ideas and arguments logically and objectively helps them engage more effectively.

Fact-Based Discussions

ESTJs value rationality and objectivity. They appreciate conversations that revolve around facts and data. They tend to be frustrated by people who need to pay more attention to obvious facts or introduce non-factual data into conversations.

Before engaging in a conversation, ESTJs like to gather relevant facts and data to support points. They expect the same level of preparation from everyone else involved.

Competence and Experience

ESTJs respect people who display knowledge, confidence, and relevant experience. They seek conversations with people who know what they’re talking about. People who speak without knowledge or experience are unlikely to gain an ESTJ’s respect or trust.

Shared Interests and Values

ESTJs are outgoing individuals who appreciate spending time with like-minded people. They quickly form connections with individuals who share similar values or interests. However, their direct and authoritative nature may unintentionally offend others.

ESTJs need to be mindful of their communication style and work on engaging with others’ views respectfully. ESTJs can benefit from finding common ground by discussing shared interests and values.

Future Endeavors and Goal-Oriented Discussions

ESTJs find inspiration in conversations centered around goals and plans. They are highly motivated and enjoy discussing their current projects, achievements, and hobbies. Additionally, they derive satisfaction from helping others find efficient methods to achieve their goals.

ESTJs can benefit from engaging in conversations about setting and achieving goals. Seeking their advice on action plans and sharing aspirations aligns with their direct nature and logical thinking, making them valuable allies in pursuing dreams.

ESTJs excel as effective communicators and team players. They appreciate clear, direct approaches and thrive in environments where discussions are straightforward and well-organized. They are delighted by conversations around expertise, shared values, and coherent visions for the future.