You can take the Productivity Test here if you haven’t taken it.

Result                                            Explanation


Fantastic! You have a clear understanding of your priorities, and you use your time to maximize your output. You also think about how to use leverage to get the most from your time and to use it to the organization’s advantage. This makes you a real asset. Use the resources below to continue building on and improving your productivity skills where appropriate.


You’re on the right track with your productivity efforts and will probably complete your most important work. However, you could be more productive. Use the productivity techniques and resources below to become more effective and efficient daily.

completely disorganized

You have some work to do to become more productive. Filling your day with tasks or trying to do too much without considering your limits and priorities is inefficient. Use the information and resources below as your motivation to work smarter, not harder. The good news is that you’ll soon be accomplishing much more in less time.

Next steps:

  1. I’ll send you via emails some time management techniques to get you started
  2. Watch the videos below; they contain some excellent techniques that you can apply right now: