If you still haven’t found out your degree of self-motivation, you can find it here.


The thought of self-motivation helps you:

  • be responsible
  • be capable of focusing on a task and keeping your mind on it
  • be less impulsive and more self-controlled

To wait for someone else to tell you to do something and to self-motivate yourself to do something are two different things. They make the difference between those who reach their goals quickly and those who whine about not getting anything done.

The secret lies in self-motivation or finding an interest in the most common of your work situations.

Motivation is the strength that lets you step forward and develop.

In the mail, you received the test answer; below, you have the interpretation.

If you have a good level of self-motivation:

Wonderful! You get whatever you want, and don’t let anyone stand in your way. You make a conscious effort to self-motivate, and spend a lot of time setting your goals and how to achieve them. You lure and inspire other people with your success. Maintain this self-motivating favorable attitude!

If you have a medium level of self-motivation:

You’re doing well when it comes to self-motivating. You’re not falling behind, but you could do better. To get what you want,, try to increase your self-motivation in all aspects of life. Follow the suggestions below and improve your self-motivation.

And if your degree of self-motivating is low:

You allow your fears to come between you and your success. You probably failed a few goals in the past and convinced yourself that you couldn’t do it – undermining yourself. Get past this limit and start believing in yourself again. The tips below can help you motivate yourself.

Factors in self-motivation:

Self-Motivation is tied to the following:

  • Your level of initiative when it comes to setting challenging goals.
  • The confidence that you have the aptitudes and competencies to reach your goals.
  • The belief is that if you try hard enough, you will be successful.

There are four necessary factors to build a high level of self-motivation:

  1. Self-confidence and effectiveness;
  2. Positive thinking;
  3. Focusing and powerful goals;
  4. Motivating environment.

Work on all of these aspects at once, and you will increase your self-motivation quickly!

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