How do INFPs Show Love?

INFPs, known for their idealistic and romantic nature, are passionate partners who value long-term relationships. They seriously approach their commitments and demonstrate unwavering loyalty to their significant others. With their supportive and encouraging demeanor, they can help their partners overcome challenges and see the beauty in their relationship. Let’s explore how INFPs express their love.

Quality Time is Key

For INFPs, quality time is a crucial love language, along with words of encouragement and physical affection. They prefer to show their affection by spending meaningful moments with their loved ones and engaging in activities that hold significance to them. While they experience intense emotions internally, they express their love through shared experiences.

Tip: Plan activities that both you and your partner enjoy. Practice being fully present now and minimize distractions like texting or social media.

Small Acts of Kindness

INFPs demonstrate their love through small acts of kindness. Whether making a cup of coffee or fetching a blanket when their partner feels cold, they pay close attention to their partner’s needs and desires. They are unafraid to show their authentic selves and may let their playful side shine. INFPs listen attentively to their partner’s thoughts and feelings, providing support whenever necessary.

Tip: Make a conscious effort to perform small gestures that make your partner feel loved and appreciated. Practice active listening and offer words of encouragement and support.

The Dark Side of Idealism

As idealists, INFPs often seek perfection, including finding the perfect soulmate. However, this idealism can lead to disappointment when they start noticing flaws in their partner that do not meet their high standards. They may begin criticizing their partner and comparing them to an unrealistic ideal, undermining their partner’s self-esteem.

Tip: Remember that nobody is perfect, including yourself. Embrace your partner’s imperfections and work together to overcome challenges. Focus on the growth and development of your relationship instead of unrealistic expectations.

As an INFP, you express love through quality time, small acts of kindness, and unwavering support. Embrace your partner’s imperfections, cherish the present moments you spend together, and nurture a deep and meaningful connection.