Do INFPs Cheat?

INFPs who highly value loyalty and commitment invest significant time in introspection and reflect on their thoughts, beliefs, and moral code. Relationships hold deep meaning for INFPs, extending beyond mere physical connections. This section explores whether INFPs are prone to cheating in relationships and provides insights into their approach to loyalty and commitment.

The Meaning of Relationships for INFPs

For INFPs, relationships encompass more than just physical intimacy. They seek mental and emotional bonds with their loved ones. INFPs enter into relationships with a long-term perspective and consider honesty and integrity as fundamental values. If their feelings change or they fall out of love, they believe in honest communication with their partner rather than resorting to betrayal through infidelity.

Tip: If unsure about a relationship’s long-term potential, INFPs can identify the qualities they value in a partner and assess if their partner’s values align with their own.

INFPs and Cheating: An Unlikely Combination

INFPs are often regarded as one of the personality types least likely to engage in cheating. Their unwavering focus on their partner and commitment to their moral code make infidelity a weighty matter. INFPs may even speak highly of their partners to others and view them as characters in their narratives.

Tip: If an INFP ever experiences temptations or develops feelings for someone outside their relationship, it is beneficial to reflect on the underlying reasons for these emotions and consider discussing them with their partner or seeking the guidance of a therapist.

Flaws in INFPs

Although highly committed, INFPs are human and, like anyone else, can have flaws. If an INFP does cheat, it is often the result of accumulated grievances stemming from feeling undervalued or betrayed by their partner. INFPs may also find themselves experiencing attraction to other people, which, although not considered cheating per se, can still threaten the relationship if not addressed.

Tip: If an INFP feels undervalued or betrayed by their partner, it is crucial to communicate their feelings and work together to address any issues within the relationship before they escalate.

As an INFP, loyalty and commitment are important in your relationships. While you, like anyone else, may have flaws and struggles, cheating is unlikely to be among them. By remaining true to your moral code and maintaining open and honest communication with your partner, you can cultivate strong, fulfilling relationships that align with your values and aspirations.