Do INFJs Hold Grudges?

INFJs are known for their sensitivity, empathy, and high standards for themselves and others. As a result, they can find it difficult to deal with disappointment and betrayal, and this can lead to questions about whether INFJs hold grudges. Let’s explore the INFJ perspective on grudges, and how people with this personality type approach relationships.

INFJs Tend to be Patient at First

INFJs are often patient and tolerant of misbehavior up to a certain point. If someone crosses this line, the INFJ may cut the offender out of their life permanently. It’s important to note that the INFJ grudge is a protective mechanism and a way to set boundaries for their own emotional well-being.

INFJs Never Forget How Someone Made Them Feel

INFJs are sensitive individuals who remember how people make them feel. This can lead to grudge-holding if their high standards are not met. However, INFJs try not to let anyone else control their emotions, and they typically move on with their lives rather than holding onto grudges. An INFJ who does find themselves holding a grudge should try to focus on forgiveness and letting go of negative emotions. It’s important for them to set boundaries, but it’s also important to move forward with their life and not submit to negative emotions.

INFJs Forgive but Never Forget

INFJs have a forgiving nature, but they never forget when someone has hurt them. If someone is on an INFJ’s hate list, they will probably remain there forever as someone who is toxic or terrible. The INFJ approach to relationships is often all or nothing, and they will cut someone out of their life if they believe that person is not healthy for them. INFJs in this situation should remember that forgiveness is an important part of personal growth and healing. While it’s okay to set boundaries, forgiveness, and emotional release are equally important.

The INFJ Door Slam

When an INFJ recognizes repeated issues with a person and believes those issues will continue due to a toxic or unhealthy aspect of that person’s personality, they may completely abandon the person. This is a last resort that involves cutting that person out of their life completely to prevent further hurt or harm. INFJs should acknowledge that in a toxic relationship, it’s okay to set boundaries or cut ties if necessary for their own well-being.

It Takes a Lot to Make INFJ Hold a Grudge

INFJs don’t hold grudges lightly, and it takes a lot of built-up resentment for them to reach that point. However, once an INFJ has reached their breaking point, it can lead to a permanent decision to shut the other person out of their life. It can be helpful for an INFJ to understand that while setting boundaries is important for their own well-being, it’s never a good idea to hold onto negative emotions. They should focus on forgiveness and letting go of the past.

While INFJs may be known for their ability to hold grudges, it’s important to understand that their approach to relationships is often all or nothing. INFJs may forgive many transgressions and try to give people more chances to change, but once they’ve reached their breaking point, they may shut that person out of their life permanently. This complete avoidance is a protective mechanism to prevent further hurt or harm, and while it may seem like holding a grudge, it’s more complicated than that. INFJs should remember to focus on forgiveness and letting go of negative emotions while setting boundaries for their own well-being.