Do Early Academics Help or Harm Young Children?

A 2015 article by Peter Gray, PhD, “Do Early Academics Help or Harm Young Children?” asserts that academic preschools and kindergartens do more harm than good to children. He cites several research studies that compare academically-based programs to play-based programs. In his opinion, not only do children eventually lose any short-term academic gains they may … Read more

“Blue Space” Shows Remarkable Therapeutic Mental Health Benefits

Natural “blue space” aquatic areas such as oceans, lakes, rivers, and the like seem to have positive benefits on our mental health. Each color of the spectrum has unique feelings associated with it. For example, yellow is commonly linked to optimism and joy, while pink often represents love and care. Blue, on the other hand, … Read more

(second part) The Secrets of the 16 types of personalities from the MBTI test

Why is it that some people never pay attention and others talk only about obvious things? You can find the first article in the series here. Now you will understand why some people seem dreamy, not paying attention, maybe a bit crazy and others tell you information you already possess, get lost in analysis and … Read more

The Secrets of the 16 types of personalities from the MBTI test

In this article I will show you: how to fit people in the 16 types of personalities ( natural and fast, without marking their characteristics in your mind ) how to use the information attained: in your relations ( you will understand your family, you will know why your best friends are late or disappoint … Read more