Are INFJs Narcissistic People?

INFJs may wonder if their reserved and internal emotional life could lead to narcissistic tendencies. However, it’s essential to understand that INFJs are not inherently narcissistic people. In fact, they are often taken advantage of due to their giving nature and ideological views of relationships. In this article, we will explore why INFJs are not narcissistic and provide tips on how to avoid falling victim to narcissistic abuse.

INFJs as Targets for Narcissists

INFJs are often idealistic and value the people they invite into their inner world, making them potential targets for narcissists. Narcissists may initially seem like the perfect partner, showering INFJs with attention and affection to manipulate them. To avoid falling into their trap, INFJs should be mindful of overly affectionate people and take time to get to know someone’s character before investing too much emotion into a relationship.

INFJs May Lose Grip on Reality

At times, INFJs may get carried away with their vision and ideas, causing them to lose touch with reality. To be more successful and productive, INFJs should practice being more realistic, keeping an open mind, and knowing when to let go. Feedback and criticism can help solidify their vision and prevent them from becoming too idealistic.

INFJs’ Tendency to “Fix” People

One of INFJs’ greatest strengths is their compassion. However, they can sometimes fall into the trap of trying to “fix” a toxic person who refuses to take accountability for their actions. It’s essential for INFJs to use empathy wisely and direct it toward people who will not exploit it. Setting healthy boundaries is necessary for an INFJ’s emotional well-being.

INFJs are Easily Victimized

INFJs are more susceptible to narcissistic abuse due to their giving nature. They often prioritize their partner’s happiness above their own, which can lead to sacrificing their own self-love and well-being. It’s crucial for INFJs to recognize the signs of narcissistic abuse and seek help from a therapist or support group if needed. Prioritizing self-love and setting healthy boundaries can help INFJs protect themselves from toxic individuals.

INFJs are not inherently narcissistic, but rather vulnerable to narcissistic abuse due to their giving nature and idealistic views of relationships. By setting healthy boundaries, prioritizing their emotional well-being, and staying grounded in reality, INFJs can continue to use their compassionate nature to impact the world around them positively. They should remember that they are capable of creating meaningful relationships without sacrificing their own self-love and well-being. By following these tips, INFJs can continue to pursue their goals and make a difference in the world.