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Foarte des
1. I am often insecure about my ability to reach targeted goals.
2. When I work for my own goals, I give 100%.
3. I have the habit of defining my objectives so as to get a clear view over life.
4. I think positive when I set my goals; I make sure it covers my needs at work and not only.
5. I reward myself (or blame) to remain focused. For example, if I finish a task on time, I take a coffee brake.
6. I think that I will be successful if I work hard and use my abilities.
7. Deadlines worry me, they stress me out, they bring a feeling of anxiety.
8. When an unexpected event happens, I have the tendency to drop everything and set a new goal.
9. The greatest satisfaction upon completing a task is the feeling that I did my job well.
10. I often do the minimum required of a job, but enough so as not to give my boss or colleagues something to complain about.
11. I tend to worry when I do not reach my goals and I often focus on the reasons for which this happened to me.
12. I make up a future filled with successes before I set a new goal.

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