INFJ Women: Traits, Strengths, and Weaknesses of Women with the Rarest Personality Type

Of the 16 personality types outlined in the Myers-Brigg personality schema, INFJ is the rarest. INFJ women thus make up a tiny sliver of the population. INFJ women are introverted, intuitive, feeling, and judging. What exactly does this mean? What can you expect as or from an INFJ woman? Here’s a summary of the strengths, weaknesses, and overall characteristics of INFJ women:

Traits Strengths Weaknesses
  • Principled
  • Idealistic
  • Authentic
  • Introspective
  • Reserved
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Passionate
  • Overly Sensitive
  • Stubborn
  • Perfectionist

This table is just a basic breakdown of what can be expected with the INFJ personality type. To learn more about the likes, dislikes, tendencies, and overall personality of INFJ women, keep reading!

What are the Key Characteristics of INFJ Women?

INFJ women are principled, caring, and passionate. These characteristics lead to strengths as well as weaknesses; they can be creative and sincere as well as stubborn and over-sensitive. They prioritize their intuitive vision and thrive in areas such as healthcare and art, where they can dedicate themselves to a mission.

What Does the INFJ Type Mean? 

Before we dive into an INFJ woman’s traits, we need to be sure of what the INFJ acronym means.

  • Introverted: Introverts have to recharge with alone time.
  • Intuitive: Intuitive people learn by looking at big ideas with a focus on patterns.
  • Feeling: Feeling refers to a person who makes decisions based first on their own emotions and other people’s feelings.
  • Judging: Judging means that you work best with some organization and prefer structure.

    INFJ women spend much time deep in thought, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t paying attention.

With a combination of these four aspects, INFJ women tend to be highly introspective yet sensitive to other people’s feelings. They have a strong connection to their emotions, but they tend to remain logical and practical. 

The INFJ type tends to be nicknamed the Protector or the Advocate because they are sensitive to other people and often committed to helping others. INFJ types tend to want to make the world a better place. They often hold deep convictions and passions. 

Strengths of INFJ Women

  • Empathetic: Because INFJ women focus on intuition, they are often deeply aware of other people’s feelings. This makes them more empathetic. 
  • Passionate: INFJ women spend a lot of time introspecting and listening to their feelings. This often results in women who believe deeply in what they care about. 
  • Creative: Their attention to emotion and time spent in deep thought causes INFJ women to be creative. 
  • Authentic: It is hard to maintain strong principles without honesty. INFJ women believe in what they care about, and thus they do not lean towards false representations of themselves and what they believe. 

Weaknesses of INFJ Women

  • Overly Sensitive: A deep connection to emotion and a commitment to ideals can make INFJ women a bit on the sensitive side. They may be easily offended when given criticism. 
  • Stubborn: The deep passion INFJ women often feel can result in some headstrong women. INFJs tend to be principled which means they are not likely to change their mind. 
  • Perfectionist: Wanting to change the world can lead to some ridiculously high expectations. All of that passion and principle can make INFJ women strive for absolute perfection which can be a burden to both themselves and others. 
  • Overly Private: INFJ women have a lot going on in their heads, and they need alone time to recharge. Sometimes they can forget to take enough time to open up to other people and share some of their inner life with others.
INFJ women often pursue their vision to the exclusion of others, sometimes to the point of stubbornness and conflict.

Career Paths for INFJ Women 

INFJ women are suited for careers in many different areas. The important thing for most INFJ women is finding a career that aligns with their ideals. They need to be able to put their passion into their work. Here are some careers that INFJ women tend to gravitate towards. 

  • Health Care: INFJ women want to make the world a better place, and the health care field offers plenty of opportunities to do that. From counseling to nursing, you will find INFJ women putting their empathy and passion into practice in health care! 
  • Artist/Musician: INFJ women can put their creativity and drive to good use in an art-focused career. 
  • Writer: Many INFJ women like to work with language. Writing is a career path that attracts many INFJ women. 
  • Entrepreneur: INFJ women want to change the world, and they often have the conviction necessary to pursue their dreams to do just that. INFJ women may start their own businesses to follow their goals. 
  • Religion: Because of their devotion to their principles, it is quite common to find INFJ women attracted to careers in the religious field. 

INFJ Women in Relationships 

Because they are introverted and tend to spend time in thought and introspection, INFJ women are often reserved. They can be difficult to get to know and are not likely to make friends quickly. 

However, once an INFJ does dedicate themselves to a friendship or relationship, they are truly committed. INFJs are good at communication which leads to relationships that are honest and deep. INFJ women are also caring and supportive. They are aware and concerned about their partners’ and friends’ feelings. 

Because INFJ women are often principled with strong core values, they work best in relationships with people who share those values. They may have difficulty with sensitivity and/or stubbornness when faced with people who do not share their principles. 

5 Hobbies an INFJ Woman Would Probably Enjoy 

  1. Reading – INFJ women like to think and need time alone to recharge. Reading is thus a perfect hobby because it allows time for deep thought combined with peaceful solitude. 
  2. Writing – Similarly to reading, writing allows INFJ women both recharging and thinking time. Writing in the form of journaling also allows INFJ women to contemplate the deep questions which they so enjoy. 
  3. Playing/Listening to Music – For women with the INFJ personality type, music is an outlet for both their creativity and emotion. 
  4. Cultural Events – INFJ women like to think deeply. Whether it is a film festival or art gallery they are happy in places where they can have meaningful conversations. They may especially enjoy activities centered around art appreciation. 
  5. Small-Group Socializing – INFJ women love their friends! While they may not enjoy large parties or crowded bars, INFJ women love a night with their close friends.   

4 Mistaken Assumptions People Have About INFJ Women 

  1. They are pushovers. Some people see INFJs as pushovers because they tend to be reserved and deeply concerned with the feelings of others. However, it is a mistake to try to push an INFJ woman around! Their reserve hides passion and principles, which they will ardently defend when riled up. 
  2. They don’t have much to say. Because they spend so much time in introspection, INFJ women are typically quiet. They think a lot but may not always have a lot to say. Those who take the time to get to know an INFJ woman will soon find that, despite their quietness, they have a rich inner life. 
  3. They are cold. INFJ women are often extremely private. They are reserved and do not open up easily. However, INFJ women are actually closely aware of other people’s feelings. They are private, but once they let someone into their life they are warm and caring. 
  4. They are naïve. Their principles, high expectations, and overall idealism can lead people to assume that INFJ women are a bit on the naïve side. However, do not forget that INFJ women are also intuitive, spend a lot of time in thought, and take a structured approach to life. INFJ women may be dreamers, but they typically find ways to practically tackle their dreams.


INFJ women are the idealists who can make things happen! They have the vision, the belief, and the practicality to achieve their dreams. Their high levels of empathy mean that they usually devote themselves to helping and caring for other people. INFJ women may be a rare personality type, but they certainly make the world a better place!