ESFJ Women: Characteristics, Careers, and Hobbies of Women with the Caregiver Personality Type

Are you interested in learning more about yourself or an ESFJ woman? We have the answers to all the questions you may have regarding ESFJ women.

In this post, we will talk about the traits of an ESFJ woman and how to tell if you are talking to an ESFJ woman. We will also discuss things ESFJ women like to do, careers they thrive in, and the hobbies they enjoy.

Traits of An ESFJ Woman

An ESFJ woman is a people person who has most likely found her way into a service-oriented career. These women are organized and decisive while retaining their sense of empathy and community values. ESFJ women are social and charismatic when it comes to forming new relationships.

An ESFJ woman is compassionate and creative. She is also a quick decision-maker and a concrete thinker. An ESFJ woman thrives on order and is a natural leader.

In the world, 12 percent of the general population and 17 percent of women are ESFJs. In the US, 70 percent of the total ESFJ population are women. The ESFJ personality is the second most common personality type.

Based on the Myers-Briggs personality types, ESFJ breaks down to:

  • Extroverted – ESFJs gain most of their energy from spending time with others.
  • Sensing – ESFJs learn through what they can see, touch, taste, feel, and hear. And they learn best by focusing on the present moment.
  • Feeling – An ESFJ bases their decision-making on their feelings, values, and the people around them.
  • Judging – ESFJs thrive on order, organization, and having a set plan. These personality types tend to prefer living by a routine. ESFJs tend to get uncomfortable with surprises, disruptions, and spontaneity.

These four aspects of an ESFJ woman’s personality dictate how she acts and how others interpret her actions. An ESFJ woman is:

  • A born leader
  • A team player
  • Clever
  • Creative
  • Empathetic
  • Expressive
  • Independent
  • Insightful
  • Straightforward
  • Candid
  • Open-minded
  • Optimistic
  • Organized
  • Pleasant
  • Practical
  • Sensitive
  • Supportive

ESFJ women are focused and have great memories. In this way, an ESFJ woman comes off as thoughtful, kind, and positive. And an ESFJ woman loves creating lasting and meaningful connections.

Can You Tell If You Are Talking to An ESFJ Woman?

Now you may be wondering whether you are talking to an ESFJ woman. The best way to find out is to ask questions!

Just know that an ESFJ woman is naturally extroverted, so they enjoy talking to others. Please do not be shy; talk to them!

But if you want some clarity before you ask, we have provided detailed descriptions of an ESFJ woman below.

You may hear an ESFJ woman referred to as any of the following nicknames. If you can place her into one of these four categories, you may be talking to an ESFJ woman:

  • The Caregiver – ESFJ women are generous but a stickler for rules and order.
  • The Consul – These social women are fun, popular, and love giving back to others.
  • The Guardian – These women will look out for your best interests. ESFJ women are devoted and caring people.
  • The Provider – The provider appears as a hard-working, consistent, and warm woman.

Well, what do those nicknames mean? To put them another way, you may describe an ESFJ woman as:

  • A people person
  • Authentic
  • Cooperative
  • Energetic
  • Kind

So that you have a better understanding of an ESFJ woman and how she presents herself in the world, let’s dive into what ESFJ women like to do.

Things ESFJ Women Would Likely Enjoy

An ESFJ woman loves to focus on relationships and find order in everyday life. Because she is extroverted, she loves spending time with others. And she is likely to take a risk to create strong partnerships.

Are you looking to go out with an ESFJ woman? She will probably enjoy any of the following activities listed in the chart below:

Things to Do Description of Activity Examples
Explore your creativity An ESFJ woman is creative and caring, as we have mentioned previously. So, one of the best ways to draw out her creativity and yearning for connection is to create something together.
  • Go for a hike or plan a picnic to spend some time in nature
  • Go to a dance class together
  • Take painting lessons
  • Try out a pottery class
Dive into conversation An ESFJ woman craves meaningful conversations. She wants to get to know who you are and feel connected to you.
  • Ask her questions about her passions
  • Discuss the outcome of a recent sports game
  • Share a heartfelt story about yourself
Start a new tradition together ESFJ women are thoughtful and detail-oriented people. They have a strong sense of values. These characteristics indicate that traditions and routines are delightful for ESFJ women. The activities listed for this category are essential, but it is up to you to imbue them with meaning!
  • Cook together for a holiday meal.
  • Plan and host a birthday party together
  • Volunteer at the local animal shelter together

Now with all the ideas above, you can probably think of something to do with an ESFJ woman. Also, it is worth noting that this list is not comprehensive. And as you learn more about your ESFJ woman, you can better turn the activities you do together into things you will both deeply enjoy.

Types of Careers ESFJ Women Thrive In

ESFJ women, being the people they are, tend to be the most satisfied of the personality types with their coworkers and their work overall, based on facts from the MBTI Manual.

Because of their personality traits, ESFJ women can many times be found in the following different fields:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Religion
  • Service-based occupations

To be a bit more specific about ESFJ women and the careers they are found in, look at the following chart. This chart breaks down the best jobs for ESFJ women based on the four specific traits in their personality:

Personality Trait  Careers The Best Fits An ESFJ Woman’s Personality 
  • Caregiver for older adults 
  • Childcare provider 
  • Teacher  
  • Nurse 
  • Physician 
  • Artist 
  • Social worker 
  • Medical assistant 
  • Counselor 
  • Office Manager 
  • Health care administrator  
  • Receptionist  

ESFJ women are driven by practicality in their decision-making, leadership style, and organization. These women love to have a routine and are great at getting things done!

Popular Hobbies Among ESFJ Women

ESFJ women are always looking for ways to build connections with others to gain a sense of pleasure and excitement. Many of the common hobbies of an ESFJ woman overlap with things an ESFJ would likely enjoy. And as you can see below, many ESFJ women’s pursuits are based on relational tasks or endeavors.

ESFJ women have many hobbies. But the most common ones you may see an ESFJ woman have included the following five hobbies:

  • Volunteering – Because ESFJ women are so giving, they love to give back to their communities through charitable, community, and religious groups.
  • I was cooking – Cooking taps into many of an ESFJ woman’s senses. For this reason, cooking is an excellent pastime for many ESFJ women.
  • Celebrating – A ESFJ never misses an opportunity to connect with others. This means an ESFJ woman loves celebrating holidays, birthdays, and traditions.
  • Hosting events – As ESFJ women are social by nature, hosting events fall into their repertoire of hobbies that they enjoy. This can be any event, and because they are such great planners, your event will go off without any issues.
  • Sporting events and athletics – Because ESFJs are so social, sporting events, games, and matches allow ESFJ women to connect with others while participating in or watching their favorite sport.

The social butterfly that ESFJ women are meant their hobbies include people. ESFJ woman is independent, but they enjoy spending their free time with others to develop deeper relationships.

In Summary: ESFJ Women Are Compassionate Idealists

There is a place for an ESFJ woman in your life! These women are caring, expressive, and positive. Yet, just because ESFJ women are one of the most common Myers-Briggs personality types does not mean you should lump all ESFJ women together.

When talking to an ESFJ woman, remember to take the time to get to know her. It is one thing to read about what her personality means. But it is another to create the deep relationship that an ESFJ woman is always looking to cultivate.