ENTP and ENFP: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

Pairing an ENTP personality type with an ENFP personality type can be a good thing. They have several points of opposition, which can be problematic if both partners are unwilling to compromise.

Are ENTP and ENFP Compatible with Each Other?

Both ENTP and ENFP are intelligent and bent on improving the world in their own way. Additionally, they share high energy levels, so they can keep up with each other easily. However, this relationship can be prone to conflict as both parties tend to be unwilling to back down.

Communication Between an ENTP and an ENFP

ENTPs and ENFPs are skilled communicators who enjoy spirited conversations about ideas, opinions, and ways to improve the world. Neither personality type finds a detailed recount of mundane happenings or facts out of context interesting. They prefer abstract ideas and theory to the ordinary and uninspiring.

ENTP Communication Strengths

  1. Skilled at bringing logic to conversations
  2. Tend to be charming and exciting conversationalists
  3. Surprisingly witty
  4. Energetic and enthusiastic participants when speaking one on one or in groups
  5. Knowledgeable and creative speakers

ENTP Communication Weaknesses

  1. Bores easily and loses focus
  2. Have little use for discussing practical topics
  3. Enjoy arguing for the sake of arguing, which causes tension
  4. Dismiss ideas that come from an emotional standpoint
  5. Insensitive to others’ feelings

ENFP Communication Strengths

  1. Exceptional ability to speak and listen
  2. Skilled at reading between the lines and picking up on emotions
  3. Enthusiastically converses with anyone
  4. Charismatic and able to influence others
  5. Knowledgeable and interesting

 ENFP Communication Weaknesses

  1. Tend to be too optimistic, which makes sharing unpleasant things with them difficult
  2. Disorganized and scattered when they are juggling several ideas or conversations at the same time
  3. Overly sensitive to criticism of their ideas
  4. They can become stubborn when discussing their values
  5. Go to great lengths to achieve harmony

Ways ENTPs and ENFPs Can Improve Their Communication

The following three actions can help ENTPs improve their communication:

  1. Try to offer positive feedback and say encouraging things
  2. Step back and look at the big picture and the impact of communication
  3. Remember that not all people enjoy an argument

ENFP personality types can do the following three things to improve their communication:

  1. Learn to persuade using tangible facts, not just emotional points
  2. Practice focusing on and discussing one thing at a time
  3. Learn to have quiet and gentle conversations, especially with those who are overwhelmed easily

Connections Between ENTPs and ENFPs

ENTP and ENFP personality types connect in several different areas.

  • Intelligence
  • Creativity
  • Charm
  • Conversational skills
  • Spontaneity
  • Easily bored or distracted
  • Dislike details and the mundane parts of projects
  • Loves new adventures
  • Struggles with focus and follow through

The Energy of ENTPs and ENFPs

ENTP personality types have what is known as engaging energy. This means they are compelled to be involved with others. The engaging energy of an ENTP generally involves eye contact, hand gestures, displays of wit and intelligence, and forceful defense of their ideas.

ENTPs bring a level of excitement to the interactions they are a part of and enjoy creating an atmosphere of fun. ENTPs tend to draw others to them with a charismatic magnetism.

ENFPs also have engaging energy. They thrive when involved with others in part because they have a sincere desire to improve the lot of those around them. They are well known for their lively conversation and ability to entertain.

Even though they are typically the life of the party, ENFPs also strive to include everyone in the activities at hand. They are empathetic and can sense nearly imperceptible changes in others. ENFPs use this skill to uplift those in their circle: their adventurous nature and charm draw others to them in droves.

ENTPs and ENFPs energy are compatible in several ways:

  • They thrive on interaction with others
  • They love new and exciting things
  • They have a great sense of humor
  • They are enthusiastic and lively
  • They are charming and engaging

ENTPs and ENFPs energy conflicts in the following ways:

  • ENTPs use their engaging energy towards thinking and not relationships. However, ENFPs put their energy towards building and enhancing relationships.
  • ENTPs are often argumentative and love nothing better than a good debate. The opposite is true for ENFPs who avoid conflict and thrive in situations that are harmonious.

ENTP and ENFP Values

All personality types hold their own set of values that tend to be a foundation for them. The values of a particular personality type can become relationship deal-breakers when the values do not match up well.

How the Values of ENTPs and ENFPs Line Up

ENTP’s core values tend to revolve around a need to learn and innovate. The creative thought process of an ENTP is unique, and they are skilled at finding unique solutions to problems. They accomplish this by using their strong logical minds.

Truth is a critical element to ENTPs, and they will not tolerate being intentionally misled. Because they place a premium on truth, ENTPs have no qualms about expressing what they believe to be true. Sometimes this is beneficial, and other times it wounds others involved in the conversation.

Being competent is vital to the ENTP. While they do not worry about how others perceive them, seeing competence within themselves is essential for an ENTP.

ENFP’s core values focus on being imaginative and compassionate. This personality type feels compelled to improve the lives of others, and they can focus a great deal of their vast energy and intelligence on responding to the needs of others.

A strong empathic nature helps the ENFP to find those in need and subsequently to do all they can to fix the problem. The ability to see scores of possibilities where others only see roadblocks is a skill that gives the ENFP opportunities to assist others.

ENFPs also thrive on harmony and variety. They place a high premium on adventure and thrill-seeking. Boredom or lack of new inspiration is often the downfall of the ENFP.

Both personalities hold fast to the ideas of change and improvement. However, their ideas on accomplishing such things differ. The most significant divergence between ENTP and ENFP values is that the former has its basis in logic and thinking, and the latter focuses on emotions and what feels like a good idea.

Love Languages

Understanding how your partner gives love and feels loved is a crucial part of a relationship. In a survey, thousands reported how they prefer to give and receive love according to the five love languages. Categorization of responses according to individual MBTI personality.

ENTP Preferred Love Language

Preferred Love Language ENTP Percentage
Quality Time 29.61
Physical Contact 26.32
Words of Affirmation 24.32
Acts of Service 13.16
Gifts 6.57

ENFP Preferred Love Language

Preferred Love Language ENFP Percentage
Words of Affirmation 29.97
Quality Time 27.96
Physical Contact 24.94
Acts of Service 12.59
Gifts 4.53

Based on each personality’s preferred love languages, you can see the ENTP and ENFP partners should be able to communicate their love for each other in understandable and appreciated ways. Quality time, words of affirmation, and physical contact are the top three languages for both types. Additionally, the variance between them is very low.

The Sexual Relationship of ENTPs and ENFPs

ENTPs have a strong sexual energy which tends to make people stereotype them as incapable of monogamy. However, ENTPs enjoy sharing the physical act of sex and the connectedness and intimacy that comes from a meaningful relationship.

Most ENTPs are willing to try new things and are keen to discuss their sex life with their partner. Their natural need to explore and find adventure carries over into their bedroom. Additionally, sex satisfies two love languages high on the ENTP list, time together and physical touch.

ENFPs thrive when they can connect with others, and sexual connection with their partner is extremely important for them. While they enjoy adventure and excitement, ENFPs are happiest when they are in a significant relationship. They typically will use words of affirmation to express their feelings for their partner during sex.

Casual sex is not usually emotionally fulfilling to the ENFP. Because they are slow to open up to others, casual encounters void of a meaningful connection generally only serve to provide ENFPs with a new experience. They do not find emotional satisfaction in one-night stands.

ENFPs are known for their risk-taking and adventurous natures. This is true for this personality type in the bedroom.

Enthusiasm and a need to explore make ENFPs exciting lovers. They also find their love language expressed through sex, as physical touch and quality time is high on the ENFPs list.

ENTP and ENFP as Sexual Partners

These personality types tend to be well-suited sexually. Adventurous, spontaneous, and fun-loving natures lend themselves to an exciting sex life for ENTPs and ENFPs. Both personalities prefer an intimate relationship to a casual encounter.

Because ENTPs tend to be blunt, they can unintentionally wound the tenderhearted ENFP if they comment about sexual activity that seems uncomplimentary. Additionally, either partner would be put off by a sexual relationship that is dull or routine, as both thrive on excitement and adventure.

Both ENTPs and ENFPs typically have high sex drives and feel a healthy sex life is a vital part of a vibrant relationship. Additionally, they value the ability to connect on an intimate level with their partner and see sex as a way to make that connection.

ENTP & ENFP Marriage

ENTP Male Married to ENFP Female

ENTP males are frequently mislabeled as cold due to the fact that precision and directness are in their nature. In reality, they care deeply about their partners and others in their circle.

They thrive on having the freedom to explore and test their limits. They need a partner who can offer them a challenge and does not try to limit them; otherwise, the ENTP male will be quite unhappy.

Intellectual stimulation and spirited discussion are essential to the ENTP male. They also tend to have high sex drives and desire an adventurous mate.

An ENFP female holds herself to a high moral and intellectual standard. While they are often known for their charm and vivaciousness, ENFP women are intelligent and know how to get what they want.

ENFP women are natural entertainers who love to laugh and try new things. They appreciate intellectual stimulation and are known to be adventurous in the bedroom.

They balk at stereotypes and are equally at home, creating a floral design as they are watching a hockey game. Criticism is the fastest way to shut down an ENFP woman.

ENTP Female and ENFP Male

The ENTP female places a high premium on honesty; once broken, her trust will not be regained quickly. She is a deeply caring person who leans on logic to understand the world. Of course, logic and the course of a relationship often diverge.

She wants a partner who can keep up with her and is her intellectual equal. She enjoys a challenge and is always ready for an adventure or a debate. Her willingness to experiment applies to many situations, including the bedroom: in this setting, she wants the freedom to express herself and her feelings for her partner.

The ENFP male is not afraid to go all in on a relationship that he believes is safe. Once he has committed, the ENFP male is capable of being a loving and intensely emotional partner.

His natural empathetic abilities will help him assess his partner’s mood and his natural reaction is to nurture and support. While sometimes seen as excessive, the ENFP male is sincere when expressing deep emotions. He enjoys sex and is happy to try new things in the bedroom.

How Likely are ENTPs and ENFPs to have a Successful Marriage or Long-term Relationship?

The spontaneous adventure-loving ENTP can be a fun partner for the equally adventurous ENTP, but experts do not believe they are an ideal match. However, if the two people can work together and bring out the best in each other, the ENTP and the ENFP have a reasonable shot at long-term happiness.

Here are some problems that ENTP-ENFP couples should be wary of:

  • Both dislike mundane tasks and feel constrained. This can lead to a horribly messy home as well as a terribly unorganized financial state.
  • The desire for spontaneity and adventure from both partners can get in the way of serious plans and other musts of daily life.
  • While both enjoy improving the world and solving problems, the ENTP comes from a logical perspective. However, the ENFP counterpart looks at issues from an emotional standpoint. The two can potentially clash over their points of view.
  • ENTPs love a good debate, whereas ENFPs cannot stand conflict and often feel attacked in such situations.
  • ENTPs are blunt and direct, which can come off as hurtful and critical to the ENFP partner.

ENTPs and ENFPs Potential Areas of Conflict

ENTPs and ENFPs have several areas where conflict can arise:

  • Blunt or critical comments from an ENTP partner can deeply wound an ENFP
  • ENTPs who feel their partner is disregarding their logic in favor of emotional solutions will be annoyed
  • A stagnant relationship will cause conflict between ENTPs and their ENFP mates
  • Being bogged down with mundane details aggravates both partners
  • An ENTP will be put off if their ENFP partner neglects them in pursuit of other social activities
  • ENFPs are often hurt because they do not receive adequate affirmation

ENTP and ENFP Conflict Resolution

Because both personality types react to conflict differently, it is essential to remember how words sound to the partner. An ENTP partner would do well to practice encouragement and not find fault with things their partner does.

ENFPs can resolve conflict by attempting to look at situations from a more logical point of view. This will help ENTPs gain more respect for their ideas.

How do ENTPs and ENFPs Build Trust?

As with all relationships, trust comes over time. Because both personality types are highly intelligent, spotting changes in old behavior patterns is easy. Finding common ground where both partners feel safe is also critical for the discussion of issues that undermine trust.

ENTP and ENFP Friendships

ENTP Traits in Friendships

  • Friendly and extraverted
  • Spontaneous
  • Adventurous
  • Intelligent
  • Honest to a fault
  • Great problem-solving skills
  • Direct but sometimes confrontational

ENFP Traits in Friendships

  • Caring and empathetic
  • Often the life of the party
  • Genuine desire to help others
  • Intelligent
  • Adventurous
  • May care too much about what others think of them
  • Easily hurt by careless words

Are ENTPs and ENFPs Good as Friends?

The happy-go-lucky nature that both personality types share makes them ideal for heading out and sharing adventures together. As both ENTPs and ENFPs are spontaneous and extroverted, the pair could enjoy plenty of fun and excitement.

Both ENTPs and ENFPs are highly intelligent, which affords them the chance to enlighten each other. These personality types are great at brainstorming, and a match can potentially combine the ENTPs’ logic with the ENFPs’ empathetic views. Together they can offer well-balanced ideas as well as solutions to problems, provided both are willing to listen to the point of view delivered from a different perspective.

Could they be Close Friends?

A close friendship between these personalities is possible, provided they are mindful of the differences that can impact a friendship. ENFPs are very concerned with saving the world around them and operate on an emotional level. ENTPs are all about logic: they are not opposed to helping, but the manner and type of help need to make sense to get an ENTP on board.

Although they are fun-loving and adventurous, ENTPs are blunt and can seem rude. They enjoy a spirited debate about any topic they understand. To an ENTP, an argument is just an enjoyable exercise in sharpening their skills.

ENFPs do not enjoy debating for fun. They thrive on harmony and avoid conflict.  

The ENTP can come across as harsh, mainly because their goal is to win every argument. Their directness can be off-putting to the conflict-avoiding ENFP.

What Drives ENTP and ENFP Friends Apart?

Though generally compatible, the differing communication styles of ENTPs and ENFPs can drive a wedge between the two types. ENTPs rely on logic and facts, and they give little to no thought to how their words may impact others. Their natural bluntness can easily wound the more tenderhearted ENFP.

ENFPs trust their feelings and intuition. They are highly empathetic, and because they sense others’ feelings, they communicate in a kind manner. Criticism is taken very personally by ENFP personalities, and it tends to stay with them because they care deeply about how others perceive them.