ENTJ And ISFP: Compatibility, Romance, Marriage, and Love

When you have an emotional ISFP and an ENTJ who avoids displays of emotion, you may think there is no way these two could be friends, much less wind up in love and married. However, as you learn more about these two personalities, you’ll be amazed at their levels of compatibility.



I. Compatibility

Though they may differ when it comes to emotions and displaying them, ENTJ and ISFP are actually more compatible than you would expect. Each has a strong sense of who they are, where they are going, and what they want to achieve in life. Both love being in charge of situations and are excellent at bringing out the best in the people around them.

When in any type of relationship, be it a friendship or romance, ENTJ and ISFP will each take the relationship very seriously and will go to great lengths to keep the duo intact. Often appearing as the odd couple to those around them due to how they present themselves to the world, ENTJ and ISFP never let this bother them. Instead, they embrace their differences and go about trying to solve the world’s many problems.


Summary Chart: ENTJ and ISFP Compatibility vs. Potential Conflicts

Compatibility: Potential Conflicts:
Each encourages growth of others Emotional differences
Both are take-charge individuals ISFP too reserved
Excellent at communication ENTJ too charismatic and direct
Never afraid to be themselves ISFP unusual approach to life


3 Reasons Why ENTJ and ISFP are Good for Each Other

Great communicators who like helping others, it is easy to understand why ENTJ and ISFP can be very good for each other upon meeting.

  1. Shared desire to help others
  2. Comfortable in their own skin
  3. Always willing to communicate

The one thing that draws ENTJ and ISFP to one another is usually their shared desire to help others. This can happen in a workplace setting or when volunteering for an important cause in their community. Since each is comfortable in their own skin, they are able to take whatever is said to them with a grain of salt, meaning they won’t get offended very often. 

Taking their relationship very seriously, ENTJ and ISFP will both try to choose their words carefully whenever possible, knowing it is more important to help the other person grow emotionally and intellectually rather than tear them down.


3 Reasons Why ENTJ and ISFP are Not Good for Each Other

As you are well aware of by now, ENTJ and ISFP are two very different people in many aspects. Because of this, sometimes their initial encounter lets them know to look elsewhere for new friends or a romantic partner.

  1. ENTJ can be very direct, which may hurt ISFP’s feelings.
  2. ISFP lives life on their own unusual terms, which can make ENTJ uncomfortable.
  3. ENTJ can be extremely charismatic, which may intimidate the reserved ISFP.

Though it may not be the intention of ENTJ to hurt the feelings of ISFP, that is what can happen when ENTJ speaks in a very direct and, at times, somewhat cold manner. If ISFP is already feeling down, this can hurt even more than ENTJ can imagine. As for intimidating each other a bit too much for comfort, this actually works both ways for these two. ENTJ can be a very charismatic person, able to take charge of a situation and get others to easily follow them down whatever path they choose. However, ISFP can be so unconventional and unpredictable that ENTJ may actually be intimated at not knowing what will be said or done next.



In most situations, ENTJ and ISFP are actually able to communicate very well with each other. The determining factor in this area is listening, which both are willing to do quite regularly. However, ENTJ will need to listen to ISFP without interrupting them since this will often make ISFP get quiet in a hurry. As for ISFP, they will need to tone down their emotions somewhat during the course of conversation and will need to be logical and direct with ENTJ. 


Where are they strong and why?

ENTJ and ISFP are strong in terms of communication because they ultimately want those around them to grow and become the best people possible. Thus, no matter the type of relationship they have, both will want to put the other person’s best interests before their own.


Where do they have problems and why?

While they can communicate well with each other, there are also plenty of areas regarding their communication that can lead to big problems for ENTJ and ISFP. The biggest is their difference in terms of expressing emotions. ISFP is, at heart, a very emotional person, never hesitating to wear their emotions on their sleeve. ENTJ is as opposite of this as you can get, choosing instead to rarely display their emotions for others to see. In many situations, ENTJ will look and sound far too cold for ISFP, while ISFP will seem like a person who is emotionally out of control to ENTJ. 


How might they improve their communication?

To improve their lines of communication, ENTJ and ISFP will need to come to terms with the other’s differences and realize that words need to be chosen very, very carefully in their conversations. ENTJ, even if they don’t like displaying their emotions, may need to do so now and then to help ISFP feel more comfortable within their relationship. ISFP will need to remember that while it’s okay to show some emotion, it’s also good to calm down a bit and be more direct when speaking to ENTJ, who will greatly appreciate this approach. 


Where do they connect and why?

ENTJ and ISFP connect not so much on an emotional level per se, but more so in their desire to help others. In their own way, each is extremely unique and able to stand out in a crowd. ENTJ will be the one giving the inspiring speech, while ISFP will be the person coming up with an innovative and unusual plan that others think might work. 


ENTJ and ISFP: Values

Deep down, ENTJ and ISFP realize they share many of the same values, especially in terms of helping others, solving problems, and being true to their word.


3 Things ENTJ Values

  1. Achieving goals
  2. Direct and logical approach 
  3. Being the leader

Since others usually view ENTJ as a leader, it is very important to ENTJ that they deliver on this and make those around them better in every way possible. Constantly setting new goals for themselves, ENTJ will work tirelessly to meet the high expectations they have for themselves. Perhaps more than anything else, ENTJ enjoys the attention others give them and never wants to be viewed by themselves or others as a failure.


3 Things ISFP Values

  1. Unpredictability
  2. Sharing of emotions
  3. Helping people

While ISFP is similar to ENTJ in that they each like to help people, they are different in some of their other values. ISFP loves to live life in an unpredictable manner, believing strict schedules or the same daily routine makes life much too dull. In fact, ISFP will be the person who calls you up at the last minute to do something fun but will have a hard time understanding why you keep saying no. Very emotional and intuitive, ISFP will often want privacy to think about things and will also much prefer a small group over one that is very large. 


How do their values match up?

In terms of how they view the world and want to empower people to make it a better place, ENTJ and ISFP are very similar in their values. Thanks to the charisma and confidence of ENTJ and the emotional intuitiveness of ISFP, both are able to perceive what others are thinking and feeling, which enables them to set and achieve goals that are easily attainable. They each also believe in keeping their word to others and will rarely not be there for family and friends when a crisis occurs. 


Love Language/Love Style

Even though ENTJ will sometimes appear cold and distant, this does not mean they don’t have a softer side that comes out now and then. ENTJ will believe quality time with ISFP is the best way to demonstrate their love, while ISFP relies on dishing out plenty of kind words and affection to their ENTJ partner. 


Ways ENTJ Shows Their Love

ENTJ will show their love in the following ways:

  • Quality time
  • Honesty during conversations
  • Offering encouragement

ENTJ will never stop encouraging their ISFP partner to be all they can be, even when ISFP has ideas that may seem a bit confusing to ENTJ. Always one to arrange their schedule so that quality time is a top priority, ENTJ will find a way to be home for dinner each night, take their partner away for a weekend trip, or plan a much-anticipated vacation. Most of all, ENTJ will tell it like it is to their ISFP partner, believing this will ultimately strengthen their partner and the relationship.


Ways ISFP Shows Their Love

ISFP will show their love in such ways as:

  • In-depth discussions
  • Reliability
  • Empathy

ISFP will never be unwilling to dive into an in-depth emotional conversation with their ENTJ partner or someone else for whom they care about a great deal. Though very unpredictable in many aspects of life, ISFP believes reliability is very important in terms of showing their love for someone. Perhaps the most empathetic person you will find anywhere, ISFP will always be there to provide comfort and support to anyone who needs it at that moment. Should ENTJ have a tough day, ISFP will be there to listen to each and every word.


ENTJ and ISFP in Bed

Like many other examples of opposites attracting when it comes to romance, ENTJ and ISFP will take a very different approach when in bed with one another. ENTJ will leave nothing to chance and will be very direct with their ISFP partner regarding their love life. ISFP will like this and will bring lots of excitement, enthusiasm, and unpredictability to the meeting underneath the sheets. Rather than be cold and distant, as is sometimes the case, ENTJ will choose to get hot and close with ISFP, guaranteeing these two will never have a dull moment when in bed together.


II. ENTJ and ISFP Couples/Marriage

How does ENTJ match up in a long-term romantic relationship with ISFP?


ENTJ Male and ISFP Female

A couple that surprisingly to many has lots of potential, the ENTJ male will almost always be the part of this couple that keeps the relationship moving forward. This can be by finding new ways to increase the couple’s income, expanding their circle of friends, or making the most crucial decisions about whatever topics the two deem to be most important. The ISFP female will love having a charismatic ENTJ male around, knowing this will let her stay in the background more to do the little things that keep them on the right track.


ENTJ Female and ISFP Male

When people view this pairing from a distance, they may assume the ENTJ female is calling all the shots. While that may be true in many respects, the ISFP male is also playing a key role in this relationship. The ENTJ female will make the plans and get things going, but the ISFP male and his unbridled enthusiasm combine with ENTJ’s charisma to keep this relationship fun, exciting, and fresh as they move closer and closer to marriage.


III. ENTJ and ISFP Conflicts

No matter whether two people are carbon copies of one another or complete opposites, conflicts will always occur within their relationship. ENTJ and ISFP are no different, meaning there are some things that can lead to arguments and hurt feelings.


Possible Areas of Conflict and Why

When ENTJ and ISFP have conflict, it is usually for the following reasons:

  • ISFP will be too unpredictable, upsetting the carefully-laid plans of ENTJ.
  • ENTJ will downplay emotional displays, which will hurt ISFP’s feelings.
  • ENTJ can be cold and distant, leaving ISFP feeling alone in their relationship.

While there are many times when ENTJ won’t balk at the unpredictability of their ISFP partner, there will also be other times when it will get on ENTJ’s last nerve. This is especially true when they have made plans well in advance, only to have ISFP come up at the last minute with other plans ENTJ deems to be frivolous. When this happens, the criticism ENTJ may level at ISFP will hurt ISFP’s feelings, resulting in them retreating into an emotional shell that won’t have them saying very much for a while. As this occurs, ISFP may begin to feel somewhat alone in the relationship and may even question whether the relationship with ENTJ should continue.


How do they resolve conflict?

When these two set out to resolve their conflicts, it is often anything but easy. ENTJ will want to keep the discussion on a direct and logical path, while ISFP will be expressing their emotions right and left. To reach a compromise, each will need to bend but not break in terms of their communication styles. ENTJ will need to listen attentively to ISFP and encourage them to share their thoughts, while ISFP will need to sprinkle in a little bit more logic and direct thoughts when dealing with ENTJ. If each does this and does not take everything said to them too personally, their conflicts can often be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties.


How do they build trust?

Trust is built between ENTJ and ISFP through a combination of attentive listening, sharing emotions, and recognizing the differences each has that makes them appealing partners. ENTJ will trust ISFP when ISFP begins to share what’s on their mind without constantly overreacting emotionally and also when ISFP demonstrates they have full confidence in the decision-making abilities of ENTJ. 

ISFP will trust ENTJ more and more when ENTJ displays more empathy toward them and also lets them be the creative, intuitive, and unpredictable person they have always been since childhood. Though usually reserved, ISFP won’t hesitate to remind ENTJ that it was these very differences that attracted them to ISFP in the first place.


IV. ENTJ and ISFP Friendships

Like any friends, ENTJ and ISFP are similar in some ways and different in others. Though each will sometimes wonder what makes the other person so appealing as a friend, neither will find themselves wanting to walk away from the friendship but instead, stick around and watch it grow. As it does, each will be surprised at just how much they come to rely on one another through good times and bad.


ENTJ and ISFP: Approaches to Friendship

ENTJ and ISFP will approach their budding friendship in a different way. As the more charismatic of the two, ENTJ will try to encourage ISFP to come with them to various activities, hoping ISFP will expand their circle of acquaintances. ISFP may hesitate initially but will like ENTJ enough to give it a try more often than not. ENTJ will also never waver from giving their ISFP friend advice, even if it is something ISFP would rather not hear. 

ISFP will rely on their intuition and empathy to keep their friendship with ENTJ moving in the right direction. Believing it is their duty always to be there to help their friend deal with a myriad of issues, ISFP will sometimes resort to unusual methods to get their message across to ENTJ. Very passionate about helping their friend, ISFP will put their creativity to good use to put a smile on their friend’s face.


ENTJ and ISFP Friendship Dynamics

This odd couple pairing of friends will use their perceived individual strengths to create a friendship that can last for decades. ENTJ will be very blunt with ISFP at times, which ISFP will actually appreciate without admitting it out loud to their friend. ISFP will counter that bluntness with large doses of empathy, never judging their friend until they have all the facts. Since each values the importance of having good people around them, they will be willing to overlook something now and then, chalking it all up to just being part of life.


What makes them good for each other as friends?

It is their willingness to be themselves from early on in the friendship that makes ENTJ and ISFP so good for each other as friends. Along the way, each will be able to help the other person grow. ENTJ will use their charisma to help others discover just what makes ISFP so special, while ISFP will know just what it takes to motivate their ENTJ friend to do their very best. The intuition of ISFP will combine with the logic of ENTJ to build what will come to be an unstoppable and enduring friendship.


Could they be close friends?

Even if they get off to a rocky start initially, ENTJ and ISFP can go on to become very close friends. As ISFP gets to know ENTJ better and better, they will know that what others sometimes view as cold and distant is not that at all, but rather just someone who is trying to look at life as logically as possible. ENTJ will come to discover that the creativity and unpredictable nature of ISFP will come in handy at times, especially in a quick-developing crisis. Before they know it, each will look around and realize they have had this friend in their life for decades.


What are some areas that may cause them problems as friends?

If ENTJ stays too distant and fails to share their emotions with ISFP, this friendship can begin to deteriorate. ISFP will also need to keep their emotions in check since a constant barrage of emotional outbursts will make ENTJ eager to move on to find a new best friend.