ENTJ and ENTP: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

ENTJ and ENTP are individuals who are full of charisma, making them not only attractive to other people, but to each other once they meet. Expressive and able to quickly take charge of situations and motivate others, they form a pair that works very well together in the workplace, as friends, or even a romantic couple. Sharing numerous common interests and personality traits, ENTJ and ENTP often wind up together and stay together for many years, no matter the type of relationship they forge.


I. Compatibility

Even though ENTJ and ENTP are individuals who are very used to being in the spotlight in almost any situation, they never let their egos clash once they get together as friends or lovers. In their own way, each is very curious about the world around them, which is one reason why they are so eager to get to know as many new people as possible during their day.

No matter what type of relationship they have with others, both ENTJ and ENTP take their relationships very seriously. If in a romantic relationship, both will not hesitate to make a long-term commitment. If they are friends, expect each to be there for the other when the road gets a bit rough. Since they are such great communicators, it is never difficult for either to express their ideas or feelings to the other, making it very easy for them to sustain a long-term friendship or romance.


Summary Chart: ENTJ and ENTP Compatibility vs. Potential Conflicts

Compatibility  Potential Conflicts 
Both enjoy the company of others  ENTJ may avoid displays of emotion 
Each enjoys conversation and debate  ENTP may be too spontaneous 
Willing to help others  ENTJ may try to take charge too often 
Each relies on intuition  ENTP may avoid conflict 


3 Reasons Why ENTJ and ENTP are Good for Each Other

Sharing so many crucial similarities, ENTJ and ENTP have multiple reasons why they should be great together as friends or a romantic couple.

  1. Never shy away from a discussion.
  2. Eager to solve problems.
  3. Love setting and reaching goals.

ENTJ is considered to be a visionary, meaning they not only have the charisma needed to inspire others, but also the reasoning ability and intelligence needed to solve even the most challenging of problems. These are great tools to bring to their relationship with ENTP, since ENTP is also expressive, curious, and loves to set tough goals and put in the hard work needed to achieve success.

In terms of their personalities, ENTJ and ENTP go much deeper than the initial charisma most people only see on the surface. Though ENTJ may come off as cold at times due to a failure to openly display their emotions, the truth is ENTJ is very empathetic toward others. The same holds true for ENTP, but they often get much more credit for their empathy due to their expressiveness and willingness to put their emotions on display for all to see.


3 Reasons Why ENTJ and ENTP are Not Good for Each Other

Though their egos get checked at the door in most cases, there are multiple reasons why ENTJ and ENTP sometimes don’t hit it off as well as everyone around then would expect.

  1. ENTP spontaneity clashes with ENTJ logic and organization.
  2. Both may want to take the lead in a group setting.
  3. Each may get jealous of the other’s accolades.

Though they are both extroverted and usually get more than their share of admiration from others, there are instances where either ENTJ or ENTP may have their egos get in the way. If each is involved in a group project that is especially meaningful to them, both will often want to be the primary person in charge, which can lead to a clashing of minds and charisma.

Spontaneity is also another problem area between these two. ENTJ is extremely organized and logical about all aspects of their life, which sometimes seems boring to ENTP who likes to add spontaneity to the mix now and then. If in a romantic relationship, the spontaneity that at the beginning seemed fun may begin to feel like a burden to ENTJ, setting the stage for what may be a parting of the ways.



When ENTJ and ENTP communicate with each other in a manner that is reasonable and combines the right balance of logic and emotion, there is perhaps no other duo who can keep their lines of communication open any better than this couple. Using the extroverted, intuitive, and thinking parts of their personalities, ENTJ and ENTP both will discuss anything and everything with their friend, romantic partner, or spouse, guaranteeing no small problems will ever be allowed to grow into ones much bigger.

As friends or lovers, ENTJ and ENTP quickly get tuned into the other’s thoughts, feelings, and needs. Each possesses a strong sense of empathy, which helps them see a situation from the other person’s point of view. The longer these two stay together, the greater the likelihood they will come to view one another as a soulmate if the relationship takes a romantic turn.


Where are they strong and why?

ENTJ and ENTP excel at being able to make the other person as well as others feel very comfortable around them in a short period of time. Because of this, they can discover problems and create solutions that get results very quickly. Within a friendship or relationship, this increases the likelihood they will build high levels of trust and respect for each other, two important elements needed for any long-term relationship.


Where do they have problems and why?

If there is one element that often poses a problem to a relationship between ENTJ and ENTP, it is their charismatic personalities. Of the two, ENTJ tends to be the person whose personality may get them noticed more by others, though not by very much. Nevertheless, this can create problems in terms of ENTP feeling as if they sometimes don’t get enough credit for their contributions to a project or even their relationship. In fact, ENTP may sometimes feel taken for granted.

Should this happen, expressing their feelings should be a top priority. Even though these two are generally great at communicating with each other, ENTP may decide to keep their feelings hidden underneath their smile and outwardly happy appearance.


How might they improve communication?

When ENTJ and ENTP want to improve their communication, it becomes vital that they focus more on showing empathy for the other person, rather than continuing to focus on how they will be perceived by others.

ENTJ will need to be willing to stop being the picture of logic and showing little if any emotion, while ENTP will need to find that perfect mix of emotion and logic when expressing their thoughts and feelings. Though it sounds difficult for each to do, a little effort usually goes a long way between these two.

Each will also need to learn how to be more patient with the other, especially ENTJ. As for ENTP, consistency in communication and having a willingness to keep an open mind when talking about uncomfortable topics will also help improve this pair’s ability to communicate.


Where do they connect and why?

ENTJ and ENTP connect so well with one another because each is able to understand just why the other person is so popular with others. Whether it is ENTJ’s direct and logical way to solve problems and get results in a hurry or ENTP’s ability to be spontaneous and adapt to changing situations without blinking an eye, each possesses a deep understanding of the other’s unique individuality and character. In essence, ENTP is the motivator of these two, while ENTJ is the person who puts the pieces of the puzzle together.


ENTJ and ENTP: Values

This pair possesses values by which they hold to each day, especially in the areas of communication, empathy, and holding true to their promises.


3 Things ENTJ Values

  1. Achievement
  2. Helping others
  3. Relationships

Since ENTJ is also looking ahead to what they feel can be accomplished by them and others as well, they place a great deal of value on the achievement of goals and being recognized for their hard work. They especially enjoy seeing others reach goals they set for themselves, which is why you’ll often find an ENTJ in a nurturing job such as a teacher or social worker.

In terms of their personal relationships, ENTJ values having a person they can trust to keep their word and be there for them during tough times. Knowing they would undoubtedly do the same for another person, ENTJ believes talking the talk and walking the walk are necessary ingredients in any successful relationship.


3 Things ENTP Values

  1. Willingness to change
  2. Open-minded conversations
  3. Expression of emotion

Far more spontaneous than ENTJ, ENTP greatly values having a willingness to change and adapt quickly to any and all situations. In a relationship, ENTP wants their partner to have the ability to engage them in spirited debates and conversations about not just their own personal issues, but also wide-ranging topics like social justice and politics.

Perhaps most of all, ENTP values the expression of emotions. No matter the situation, ENTP believes that being willing to show others how you feel cuts through many unnecessary barriers that people tend to put up when faced with confronting their emotions. When involved in a long-term relationship, ENTP wants a partner who will express empathy, show emotion, and even admit they were wrong once in awhile.


How do their values match up?

ENTJ and ENTP have values that match up well overall. Both place a great deal of emphasis on maintaining strong and healthy relationships with friends, family, and romantic partners. While ENTJ may value achievement and recognition a bit more than ENTP, it is usually not a problem between these two closely-matched individuals.

When they officially become a couple, ENTP will try to make their spontaneity rub off a little bit on ENTJ. Yet even if ENTJ prefers to stay organized most of the time, chances are these two will have empathy for each other to find a suitable compromise along the way.


Love Language/Love Style

When it comes to love, ENTP is never hesitating to be very expressive toward others, be it with kind words, a hug or kiss, or perhaps a greeting card or other act of kindness. Meanwhile, ENTJ will have a love style based in large part on charisma, meaning they will shower their loved ones with gifts, elegant dinners, and speeches only an ENTJ can deliver.


Ways ENTJ Shows Their Love

ENTJ will show their love in the following ways:

  1. Seeing things from different perspectives
  2. Unconditional love
  3. Spontaneity

ENTJ will always be the debater, meaning they will work hard to get to the root of a problem that’s bothering their friend or lover. A giver of unconditional love, ENTJ will seek to boost a person’s spirits by using their spontaneity to take them out for a surprise luncheon, give them an unexpected gift, or simply call them up and give them a shoulder to cry on if needed.


Ways ENTP Shows Their Love

ENTP will show their love in the following ways:

  1. Encouragement
  2. Quality time
  3. Honesty

When ENTP shows their love, they often do so without displaying much emotion. However, that does not mean they are not sympathizing on the inside. Using a combination of direct and no-nonsense encouragement, it’s often tough love that’s given by ENTP. Though often very busy with work or other activities, ENTP will still set aside quality time to spend with those people who are most important in their life, whether this means sitting in the stands for their child’s ballgame or having a late-night dinner with their significant other.


ENTJ and ENTP in Bed

Once the lights are out and these two are in bed with one another, it will never be dull. ENTJ will be the charismatic lover who showers their partner with compliments and beautiful words of love while underneath the sheets, while ENTP will be a partner who uses their spontaneity to keep their love life new and exciting.


II. ENTJ and ENTP Couples/Marriage

How does ENTJ match up in a long-term romantic relationship?


ENTJ Male and ENTP Female

The ENTJ male will be one who likes to take charge in a relationship, and will often prefer to have an old-fashioned courtship if possible, meaning they will open doors, send bouquets of flowers, and be the man of the house should marriage occur. Meanwhile, the ENTP female will keep the relationship going strong with her spontaneous acts of love and engaging her ENTJ male in stimulating conversations that may have him changing his mind now and then.


ENTJ Female and ENTP Male

An ENTJ female will look cold on the outside, but will actually possess much love and empathy for her romantic partner. Wanting only the very best for those she loves, the ENTJ female will take charge of the toughest situations, offer spot-on advice, and be overjoyed when a problem is solved. As for the ENTP male, he will be cultivating relationships both personally and professionally he feels will benefit his family in the long run, while also making it a point to be at home as much as possible for his family.


III. ENTJ and ENTP Conflicts

All relationships, even those between ENTJ and ENTP, have conflicts that arise from time to time.


Possible Areas of Conflict and Why

Conflict is rare, yet can happen between these two for the following reasons:

  • ENTJ lacking of transparent emotions
  • ENTP too spontaneous at times
  • ENTJ tries to take charge too often

When conflict happens between ENTJ and ENTP, an apparent lack of emotions, too much spontaneity, and figuring out who’s really in charge are often the main issues. ENTP will become frustrated at ENTJ’s apparent lack of emotions when problems arise, while ENTJ will get tired of feeling as if their plans are always being changed thanks to the spontaneity of ENTP. Since both are excellent leaders and excel at solving problems, they sometimes have conflicts about who should take the lead in solving a family problem. If they’re not careful, one or both egos will get severely bruised.


How do they resolve conflict?

To get their conflicts resolved, ENTJ and ENTP need to use logic, a direct approach in terms of conversation, and an open mind during their discussions. If each thinks they are right, a conflict can linger much too long. Instead of letting this happen, each will need to be more patient and become very active listeners.


How do they build trust?

Giving each other a certain amount of freedom, letting each other express their viewpoints without criticism, and always being consistent and loyal no matter the circumstances will build up a large amount of trust between ENTJ and ENTP. Since each loves to talk about anything, the more discussions they have with one another about topics that are more and more personal, the more trust is established and is allowed to get stronger as they get to know one another better.


IV. ENTJ and ENTP Friendships

Possessing many of the same traits, sharing similar values, and seeing life from a very similar perspective in so many important areas, it takes very little effort for ENTJ and ENTP to establish a friendship on the job or elsewhere.


ENTJ vs. ENTP: Approaches to Friendship

ENTJ and ENTP both build most of their friendships through the many social events they often attend. While ENTJ will be busy using their charisma to attract plenty of attention and get to know others, ENTP will be the person who has a small group mesmerized with their lively debates about this and that. As people get to see more and more of them, it becomes easy for ENTJ and ENTP to pick and choose who they consider to be friends and those who are merely acquaintances.


ENTJ and ENTP Friendship Dynamics

ENTJ and ENTP will usually meet one another and instantly recognize much of themselves in the other person. As extroverts who are rarely if ever threatened by the other’s strong and dynamic personality, they find themselves instantly able to understand what makes the other person tick. As friends, lovers, or spouses, each will help the other to grow in many ways and embrace varying viewpoints on important issues.


What makes them good for each other as friends?

ENTJ and ENTP are good for each other as friends because they both love the social scene. As a result, they rarely have conflicts as to what to do or where to go on any given day. Knowing they are so similar, they have a mutual respect for one another that tends to only get stronger over the years. While others may sometimes be intimidated by ENTJ’s charisma or ENTP’s intellect, both are very comfortable together as friends.


Could they be close friends?

Not only could ENTJ and ENTP be close friends, but it is actually rare when they are not. Upon their first meeting, they realize they finally know someone else who sees life the way they do, interacts with people in a similar manner, and is not intimidated by them and their unique personality gifts, be it charisma or intelligence.


What areas might cause them problems as friends?

ENTJ will initially like ENTP’s spontaneity and quirky way of living life, but that may at some point become irritating if they find their friend is constantly wanting them to change their plans at the last-minute. On the other hand, ENTP may start to feel like ENTJ does not want to give them much flexibility in terms of having fun, and may even start to feel as if ENTJ is trying to control too much of their life. When problems such as these develop, only the most honest of conversations will preserve this friendship.