INFP Cognitive Functions: Functional Stack of the Idealist

Each MBTI personality type, including INFP, has four different Cognitive Functions that define the personality type. In simplest terms, Cognitive Functions outline how one processes and makes decisions. These are the way a person thinks, learns, and remembers. It is interesting to discover the different Myers-Briggs personality types and identify how you may relate one … Read more

INFP Women: Key Traits of Women with the Idealist Personality Type

INFP women are somewhat mysterious and hard to read. With this being so, there are still some prominent personality traits that most INFP women share. Creative, curious, and kind, INFPs are this world’s healers and mediators. However, their reserved yet compassionate nature gives them away. Any Myers-Briggs personality type can be hard to understand. The … Read more

ISFP vs INFP – The Difference between these Two Personality Types

Both INFPs and ISFPs are artists with talents, value beauty, and big aspirations. A bit melancholy, the introverted INFP tends to translate their experiences into words and ideas, whereas ISFPs prefer to let an encounter speak for itself. In spirit, ISFPs and INFPs are remarkably similar personalities. They both tend to be private, reflective, contemplative, … Read more

INFP and ENFJ: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

When ENFJ and INFP personality types join together, they create relationships built on harmony and deep trust. Because they are both Intuitive Feelers (NF), these two are equally committed to creating connections that build up both people. Once these two idealists meet, the INFP and ENFJ will be inseparable. Having an immediate emotional connection with … Read more

ESFP and INFP: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance

Highly compassionate and empathetic, the ESFP-INFP Relationship is made up of two people who are dedicated to service and growth. These two can create quite a healthy relationship when they marry the ESFP’s thrill-seeking nature with the INFP’s creative energy. The INFP personality type and the ESFP share Feeling and Perceiving traits. This means they … Read more

INFP and ESTJ: Compatibility, Love, Marriage, and Romance 

An INFP – ESTJ relationship can combine empathetic reasoning with strong-willed dedication, creating a perfect match. Known for their hardworking nature, ESTJ personality types can pull INFPs out of their comfort zones, helping them grow. In addition, INFPs bring creative solutions that can help ESTJs think outside the box. While the empathetic INFP and the … Read more